Perfect Storm:
CO2 Blastoma,
the missing catalyst

A movie was made of 1991 monster cyclonic storm, a Nor'eastern that was dubbed the "Perfect Storm." Perfect because several stormy systems came together in a way that lived up to the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unappreciated, but obvious in retrospect was the role of the CO2 matrix in creating drought/deluge nexus at the point of greatest weather violence.

The following progression of images show the development of the Perfect Storm as well as the role of CO2 cloaking from the US mainland.

October 26: The western wind bands cloaked by the CO2 blastoma from the US shows a visible/cloaked cyclonic system that extends along the US coastline to Florida, across Cuba and Haiti/Dominian Republic. Note how the CO2 blastoma extends all the way into the US to Mississippi River. Interesting is how the cloaking by the CO2 blastoma has a southwestern boundary north of western Cuba, for the cyclonic system becomes visible over energy-poor Cuba.

October 27: The visible bands are drawing moisture from the least CO2-elevated area, the middle of the Atlantic while the other quadrants are drawing dessicating, cloaking air from the US-created CO2 blastoma.

October 28: As the CO2 molecules are maxed out from binding with water into clusters, the additional moisture becomes visible. Note the upper quadrant visible clouds.

October 29: Visibility of additional water beings to dominate the upper and upper left quadrant.

October 30: As more CO2 is pulled in from the US CO2 blastoma, the affected quadrant's moisture is cloaked, that is, they lose their visibility.

October 31: The quadrants drawing from the least amounts of CO2 are the quadrants and bands with the most visibility.

November 1: An indication of why it is a perfect storm is the degree of "candy striping." Those bands with visible moisture have a high density of moisture and energy due to the CO2 binding. The more banding, the more powerful the storm very much like the marbling of beef and your health.

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