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  1. [No reference to gas disruption. RSB]
  2. An engineer with the French oil company Total SA wanted Mr. Bea to send him everything he had ever written on underwater mudslides in the Gulf of Mexico.
  3. As early as 1971, Mr. Bea argued that mudslides could be far more destructive to the growing Gulf of Mexico oil and natural-gas industry than hurricane-force winds, waves or currents
  4. Now the industry faces a titanic task: finding and repairing pipelines that have been broken, buried and slung about like pick-up sticks across the sea floor
  5. It has knocked a total of more than 25.1 million barrels of oil off world markets -- and continues to hold back more than 400,000 barrels a day. That is 25% of the gulf's normal daily production of 1.7 million barrels a day. It could be six months before all the production can be restored.

  6. As the Mississippi River flows into the gulf, the current carries huge amounts of clay and silt that settle onto the seabed. This creates enormous ledges of sediment with the consistency of mayonnaise.
  7. restarting production of 110,000 barrels of oil per day
  8. Since Marlin's natural-gas pipelines weren't damaged, the platform has restarted its gas wells.

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