2006: Where Are The Hurricanes?

After the record-setting 2005 hurricane season, many people feared that 2006 would be worse. National meteorologists were found to be hedging their bet. On the one hand, they said 2006 would not be as bad while also saying we were in middle of a high hurricane cycle. In Spring, 2006, some public spokesmen started to talk of a more active hurricane season than they were saying earlier. This writer felt that these government bureaucrats had been acting like petrophiliacs with an eye on on their paycheck rather than on the data.

By early August, 2006, this writer was like a lot of other people who were asking, "Where are the hurricanes?" As noted with the first hurricane, Alberto, most of them fizzled out as the impact of rising CO2 deformed them. Consider the difference between the first hurricane of 1992 and 2006:

Andrew 1992

Alberto 2006

As this writer's noted the lack of hurricane activities,  a new conclusion was drawn from research already documented. As the CO2 rises, it not only deforms hurricanes by stripping water particles to form FRQ clusters but the rising CO2 will inhibit the formation of hurricanes.  Please consider the following temperature image of the Atlantic Ocean area considered the breeding ground of most hurricanes. The blue is below average temperature readings in mid-summer, 2006.

Notice the band of "stability" extending southwest from the Iberian Peninsula. Europe, as a whole, and Spain/Portugal, in particular has had massive drought and fires. The forest fires release tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide and particles which moves into the equatorial wind stream that straddles the hurricane alley of the Atlantic. If there is a reason for "2006: Where's the hurricanes?" it is the CO2 induced droughts a d fires of Europe. The particles block the sun's rays which lowers the ocean water temperature while cloud-sucking CO2 prevents the formation of clouds need for hurricane formation.

In another section of "Hurricanes for Dummies," evidence was presented for how hurricanes could be intentionally weakened by massive releases of CO2. Non-intentional weakening can be derived from comparing recent hurricanes with similar ones of a few decades ago, Andrew vs. Alberto. Recent ones weaken and become misshapened when they encounter a CO2 blastoma compared to earlier hurricanes--see Cloaking Hurricanes. One hurricane, Bonnie in 2004, was apparently subjected to a massive release of CO2 from deep water oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico--see Bonnie's Smoking Byte.

Vapor Image Infrared image

The reader probably does not appreciate how CO2 is extremely hydrophilic, forming clusters of water at the ratio of 1:34 or 1:165--see FRQ Clusters. This hydrophiliac power to disrupt the atmospheric water cycle has been documented in different ways:

  1. fogs,
  2. droughts--this whole websegment of timism,
  3. deluges, and
  4. cloaking.

One need not think to long to realize that the short-term gain of fewer hurricanes will be replaced by long-term fewer crops.

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