How Oil Fields Generate Downwind Droughts

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Year: Oil field & Drought Area
1930's Texas East Fields & Dustbowl
1967+ Mideast Fields & SubShara
2000+ Western Canada & Western U.S.
2000+ Gulf of Mexico & U.S. Southeast
2000+ West Texas &West Texas

A second communication will be sent. The other half of the currency will be the validator.

State Governors: Alabama, Georgia, Montana So others can have cheap energy, your states pay the price.
Alternatives: ADM, Cargill, Georgia Pacific, Int. Paper Plan long-term to increase capacity.
Brokers: Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, ??, #4 Who's going to be the first to get their investors out of energy issues to buy back at the bottom?
Environmental Groups: Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Ralph Nader The message is self-evident ($14MM). Please email your supporters.
Mass Communications
  • Wire: AP, Reuters, UPI
  • Rags, US: right column
  • Rags, Canada: Edmonton, Regina, Toronto
  • Personalities: Brocall, Imus, King, Letterman, Leno, Montel, Oprah, Rather, Rooney, Stern, Jennings,
Newspapers, US
Birmingham News
Chicago Tribune
Dallas Morning News
Miami ??
New York Times
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Telecomputation: 360, AT&T, HP, IBM, Nortel, Volera Strategic Considerations: Telecom will not escape taxes to reduce consumption. Standalone servers with low usage rate (50% ?) will be taxed or banned. Automatic shutoff will be required of new and used BIOS when not in used for a certain time (10 minutes?). Co-lo's will decline in number. Server farms will decline rather than grow.

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