October 17, 2005

Jim Duncan et al. Weatherfolk

Dear Jim,

In order to facilitate and encourage your station producing a series of short, informative and provocative clips on the CO2 Matrix, I have prepared tentative scripts with images for you. Enclosed are the first half with the other half (hurricanes) being delivered when I receive a call of interest from you. 

Powerpoint presentations are anticipated as well as deletion of conclusions that might be viewed as too political. Every statement can be back up by facts that a jury of intelligent with integrity would vote affirmatively 95% of the time. While the political conclusions can be viewed as opinions, they are based on documented data. This is not a gut-reaction blog.

Given the number--more than I thought--your station may include other personalities beyond the weather staff if the weather staff feel doing more than one would be a time constraint.

This material is provided to you as a community service with my retaining rights over material produced by myself.

Look forward to hearing from you,


P.S. If I have not heard from you by within a reasonable time, I will approach another news outlet.



Future Section:

Notes: Duncan051017.htm

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