CO2's simple, common commercial property explains 2012 Midwest Drought and other climate extremes.

  1. Common property: CO2 likes water more than water likes itself (hydrophilia) which is the basis of carbonated beverages, e.g., beer and pop in which almost 30% of volume can be CO2.
  2. Simple question: Based on CO2's hydophilia, what happens when there is a sudden elevation of atmospheric CO2, e.g., massive, widespread megafires in the Rocky Mountains?
  3. Unpleasant Conclusion: The CO2 dense smoke, spreading eastward, soaks up the water from the land below and absorbs the rain falling from the clouds above--see Drought 2012: The Cause, The Drought & the Deluges

More information and exploration of this basic scientific fact which climatologists do not factor into the computer modeling.

  1. CO2 Matrix of Global Drying & Local Drenching (websegment of, academic details and documentation)
  2. GlobalDying channel at YouTube for everyday persons wanting visuals
    1. Organic Thesis of How Rising CO2 Causes Contradictory Climate Changes
    2. Drought 2012: The Cause, The Drought & the Deluges
    3. Hurricanes for Dummies
    4. Polar Timebomb: When the cap goes, 90% of humanity will be dead in in 12 to 18 months from unending, continental-wide heatwaves.
    5. Groan Jobs: There are no green jobs except serial murderers
    6. False Hopes for Reversing Global Dying 36 views
    7. Petrophiliacs: The love of Petrodollars behind the abuse of consumers.
    8. AlphaTrifecta: How rising CO2 increases Autism, ADHD and Alzheimers
    9. Local Winners of Global Dying Lottery
    10. Winning Battles to Save Lives while Losing War to Save Life on Earth

Qualifications of this messenger

  1. Morality of More Time: Premier Life Achievement
  2. Speed of Light is rotational not linear akin to how earth is a precessing sphere despite looking flat.
  3. Lifehour: The ultimate, universal, absolute stable currency that transcends the boundaries of centuries and politicians
  4. Brainbees: A on-line combination of spellingbees and college sports polling to provide simple, zero-cost political primaries as well as other public/private problem-solving.
  5. SOTU: Winner Washington Post January, 2010, State Of The Union contest

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