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Dear Scott & Ned,

When you called you mentioned that you wanted to learn about my garden as well as why I am running for office. The garden and rationale are related. You might want to review my achievements and resume, e.g., I completed UG requirements at So. Illinois University (29,000 student body) in two years where one semester I ace'd 24 hours. I am not a Johnny-come-lately on the expressed ideas--see "Self-starter sees solutions from computers", 1982 RTD article.

  1. I try to guide by actions by what I call the "Primary Moral Imperative" of saving life on earth. I have believed in global warming since when I wrote an 1982 essay for Jim Duncan of WWBT-12 in which I showed that increased greenhouse gases would cause longer droughts and heatwaves broken by record downpours and floods. Over years I have watched records broken consistently.
    1. If you want to get depressed, visit Youtube.com\GlobalDying or Timism.com\GlobalDying\Index.htm.
    2. If you want to have hope, visit Youtube.com\WholePlan or Timism.com\ManHell\Index.htm.
  2. If global warming has become an accelerating global dying, the only hope is for people to be more informed which our media does not do like foreign media.
    1. I am of the conclusion that global warming is destroying increasing amounts of the biomass and foodchain from heat, fires, floods, storms, etc. Decreased food production has caused food riots and are a prime reason for the "Arab Springs."
    2. The elephant in the room behind almost all human suffering and disasters is global warming. In 2011, the Washington Post had a contest for readers to submit 60-second State Of The Union speeches. Ten were selected. Mine was the first--my theme was President Obama resigning because of global warming making the US a failed state--click here.
    3. I am running for office to promote increased public awareness of climate change and man's role in causing it--see Organic Thesis of CO2's Climate Contradictions and Extremes.
    4. I am going to find a venue for a weekly discussion on climate change. (I thought I had Crossroad Coffee but one of the co-owners nixed it.)
  3. If we are to organize to stop and reverse global warming, we must have an economic infrastructure in we all can pull in the same direction. Anyone who watches national and international news cannot help but conclude that the politicians and economists are lost. The euro keeps having a crisis and the US keeps printing money to fund deficits.
    1. One of the key problems is people thinking that capitalism is failing. No. Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite, that is, decapitalize production and decapitate employment.
    2. One example of decapitalism is the 401k plan. I want people to recognize the following and how 401ks caused it to happen.
      1. In 1980, the average retiree had almost $300,000 in defined corporate benefits where corporations invested in expanded production with the retirement dollars. In 1980, the top 1% of Americans owned 20% of America's wealth.
      2. Today, the average retiree has less than $100,000 in a 401k which is worth abort $40,000 in 1980 dollars. Today, the top 1% owns over 50% of America's wealth.
      3. How did this happen? 401k money not going into expanded production for the US to compete on the world market but into insiders stock options and IPO's. IPO really means Insiders Phooling Outsiders and MBA really means Masters of Bankrupting America.
      4. Capitalism is not failing. Wall Streaters are failing to be capitalists. Based on their actions, they should be called "decapitalists."
    3. Another example of decapitalism is the 529 college savings plans which are a massive Ponzi scheme bleeding the middle-class taxpayer on a daily basis with a ticking timebomb when it explodes on the frontpages.
    4. In 1982, I wrote that the US was engaged in monetary colonialism by which we were exporting dollars to buy foreign goods instead of altering our economic and employment laws. Like all economic cancers, a collapse is inevitable.
    5. In 1982, I wrote that these dollars would coalesce into foreigners buying high end US real estate which would inflate the price of all real estate. I wrote that if homeowners tried to use inflation of home values as a bank to borrow money that they would have a day of reckoning--it happened when the housing bubble burst.
    6. My gardening is primarily an attempt to foster the principle of better government from smaller government by citizens better self-governing.
      1. CaveGarden.com shows people how to double garden productivity. Last year I grew about $7500 worth of food on my urban garden.
      2. Seed-Bees.com will help parents through schools and PTA's to grow more food. (presently constructing to be uploaded by Monday, July 8.)
  4. So, whatever you want to share with your readers, I would appreciate. I hope this little guideline helps you.

Thanking you in advance,

bob barnett

P.S. If you would like to have a heads up on the really cool things I intend to roll out as my campaign progresses, let me buy a pizza and beverage for a working meal for lunch or dinner. I can at my computer show you links that are not presently uploaded so that you think about a follow up article when I give you a heads-up. One item is how we can have zero-cost primaries in any country, state, or municipality. Imagine a google like program that quickly finds both the biggest problem wasting the most time for the most people and finds the best problem-solver to eliminate this time waste from out life. I hope to get people to recognize that funny numbers on funny paper is not wealth but an illusion that distracts from the real value of life, that is, time ... free time and good time. The cost of living is not inflatable paper but the time one must spend each day to acquire the symbols of time to buy the necessities of life. Which nation would you rather live in?

  1. A nation where you work 16 hours a day to earn a billion dollars with daily food costing two billion dollars, or,
  2. A nation where you earn a dollar an hour and the daily food cost is one dollar?

As I write in Timism.com, time is the thread in the fabric of life with timism being the morality of more time.

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