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This is not the first time that the lower Atlantic Coast has been a local winner of the Organic Dynamics of CO2 in causing droughts and floods--see 1998 US Southeast Drought. More importantly, in the next few years you will have a once-in-5000 year deluge--see Hurricanes for Dummies(2002) where I predicted fewer hurricanes with larger than normal if they survived the CO2 fussion/fission process. Did we have a hurricane season last year? No. Almost did not have one this year.
The stalled cyclonic low system is pulling CO2 in from the mainland over the ocean where it is soaking up water at a 1:34 ratio (per my calculation of long ago.) Upon crossing the Carolina coastline the CO2 is agitated and dumps the water like shaking a can of beer. You can see this in the satellite images as air mass from the lower southern states is transparent until circulating over the ocean where clouds/opacity develops. It is all so simple and obvious. The principles were detailed in my original 1982 Droughts Forever essay in which I predicted longer droughts with record downwind deluges.
These record-climate extremes are examples of Local Regional Winners of the Global Dying Holocaust (Youtube ... Essay). Each day that humanity does not realize that CO2 is a Global Mulitasking Molecule is a day that the synergistic hockey-stick curve accelerates to the detriment of all life on earth.
Why are climate extremes worsening? Advertising and campaign dollars suppress a honest, objective publication of the climate changes around the world. Instead, we must promote and cover play, play, play--see 2011 State of Union Winning submission to Washington Post. I've been sharing since my 1982 essay.
The recipients of this letter probably will do nothing. Consider the following bumper sticker:
Each time you call for growing the economy you are calling more increased CO2 release which will kill your children and grandchildren. The advocates of the Dominion Power Atlantic Coast Pipeline are going to speed up climate change--see SaveAtlanticCoastLine.com. On my website I have the answer to save jobs. More importantly, how to save life on earth, the Primary Moral Imperative (TVad ... essay).
I encourage you to write a series of articles based on my researched essays on how the organic thesis and fusion/fission processes control atmospheric dynamics. My website BarnettForCongress.org has a summary listing of over two dozen essays. For text-challenged, I have created a YouTube Channel for the video-obsessed--Global Dying.
I am willing to help you. If you don't want to do so, please encourage a colleague to take up the needed task. I am tentatively running for Congress as a vehicle to raise public awareness of my findings. As a de facto autist (resume & achievements), I will not be able to in years share my three decades of advocational research with the public as you could in a few days.
Bob Barnett
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P.S. I was wrong about this deluge. As several friends would testify, I thought it was going to hammer Richmond, Virginia. This is one of those occasions where I am glad I am wrong. I hate being right when things are going wrong.