Coming Soon to Virgina:

Mega-Droughts, Mega-Heatwaves and Mega-Fires

Thanks to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Most of the opponents to Atlantic Coast Pipeline are concerned about their personal property prices and local environment. Because of my background in electricity and chemistry, my concern is the whole East Coast. If this pipe line is built, we will regret it for the following reasons.

In 1982, I wrote an essay "Drought Forever" in which I predicted longer droughts and downwind deluges with increased carbonation of the atmosphere. As CO2 readily soaks into water to make beer, pop and champagne, in the atmosphere it soaks up water. More atmospheric CO2 then more soaking up and less rainfall which causes the drought. When saturated it moves downwind until agitated when it comes out like shaking a soda bottle.

On a segment of my website (Global Dying) I document every current and historic drought in the last 100 years as being downwind from a major CO2 source, e.g., the US Midwest Dustbowls were downwind from the East Texas mega oil fields where they burned off natural gas. East Africa is downwind from the Saudi OIl fields where 7 billion cubic feet of natural gas is daily burned because they cannot sell it.  California's drought is due to its numerous gas-burning cars.

The following historical fact should wake you to what I predict. In the early 1970's, Saudi Arabia initated the OPEC oil embargo where its production dropped by 95% for nine months. During those nine months, the East African drought that started in 1965 went away only to return after Saudi oil resumed.

Close to home, you may recall the worsening East Coast drought of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was so bad that Virginia Tech was considering canceling the second semester of classes because of the water shortage. The drought began with the development of the massive Gulf of Mexico oil wells where natural gas was burned off. When a gas transportation system was installed, the East Coast drought ended.

Interesting and compelling is how the East Coast drought came back for six months after Hurricane Katrina tore up the pipelines. When repaired, the repeat drought stopped.

If Dominion Power pipes in and burns millions of cubic feet of natural gas, I predict the following.

  1. Dominion Power is and will build numerous gas power plants which will make Virginia a virtual California with rising CO2 soaking up water.
  2. Virginia will have less and less rainfall as the CO2 transports it out over the ocean.
  3. Virginia will have longer droughts and heatwaves with an eventual megafire tha could go from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Coast, burning up all the crops, towns and cities in between. In Christmas, 2001, Australia had a massive fire from the outback that was 1400 miles long. It burned up 25% of the national capital and all of the national university.

Approving this pipeline will be suicide. Eventually, I predict, eco-terrorists will act to destroy it.

I give this to you so I can tell you I told you so since campaign contributions from Dominion will dominate the decision. Dominion's promise of jobs will be multi-stage:

  1. Building the pipeline
  2. Maintaining the pipeline
  3. Burying the dead.

Best regards,