Response to League of Conservation Voters request for personal climate change

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From Global Dying websegment

In 1982, I wrote that rising CO2 would cause worsening droughts with downwind deluges and floods. CO2 soaks up water causing droughts and atmospheric agitation causes it to suddenly come out like shaking a soda bottle. Process is based on CO2's hydrophilia, liking water more than water likes itself.

In early 2000's, based on hydrophilia, I predicted fewer, but more powerful hurricanes, e.g., Harvey, Irma, Maria, etc. If you look at time-lapsed satellite images, the perfect Mid-Atlantic donut hurricanes becomes torn blastomas as the hurricane encounters coastal CO2. If you look at Hurricane Harvey, it was Mother Nature soaking in Texas CO2 that caused invisibility (can you see the carbonation in your pop) as the CO2 stripped the water off of the dust particles make cloud opaque. As the hurricane cycled over the ocean, the saturated CO2 allowed the dust particles to start binding water. Thus, volume for volume, a carbonated hurricane packs more water and energy. Boom--record disasters.

Hydrophilia is dessication, that is, soaking up water dries out matter whether land or insects. The West Coast fossil fuel foolishness causes the heatwaves and droughts. Every, the dessication of bees is a global cause of bees dying even where pesticides are not used.

In mid-2000s, I wrote "Polar Timebomb" in which I said the CO2-laden jetstream from Asia would prevent replenishment of the polar ice cap while simultaneously picking up moisture and coldnest for earlier, deep-plunging and long-lasting polar blasts.

Also, about the same time, I wrote "AlphaTrifecta" in which I showed that CO2 affects on plant and animal metabolism was causing primitive metabolism (e.g., ragweed and bedbugs) to thrive more evolved metabolism would suffer, e.g., protein versus carbohydrates in grains as well the rise in Autism, ADHD, Alzheimers as well as asthmas and allergies. The idea that the most advanced biological process does not suffer diseases with the carbonation of its 90% water content is ludicrous. Climate change is global dying and global dumbing.

For a list of twenty linked essays with broad references see Climate Change Essays

A summary of CO2's destructive properties on life on earth, see for "CO2: The Global, Multi-tasking Killer Molecule."

My simple bona fides are completed UG at So.Il.Univ. in two years cum laude. One semester I aced 24 hours. Did 9-month pre-med organic chem as overload in two months. Recorded record high on US Navy electronic final. I look at the atmosphere as an electro-chemical process not NOAA printouts. If tomorrow all the meterologists died, there would be a better chance of saving life on earth. They are full of bunk.

As to my intelligence, on (top left) are my resume, achievements and reference (last reference is exceptional).

I do not expect you, like others, to do anything with this because some of it conflicts with the axes you like to grind and you won't give credence to a doctor whose bedside manners grate on your nerves. There are simple solutions to reverse climate chaos, but what needs to be done will not be done. Instead of watching women in beauty contests, I am content to watch their mud-wrestling. It is depressing to see half-wit proposals that only make matters worse.

Like Publisher's Clearing House saying you don't need to buy to win, in truth, your request for personal stories is probably nothing more than a money-seeking donation ploy.