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It is not vaccines.
1982: Oil Droughts: CO2 causes increased droughts and downwind deluges/flooding.
2001: WCCO blurp on CO2 and precipitation changes ... not aired. (YouTube Vid) (Lttr to Jan McDaniel, Gen.Mgr)
2007: AlphaTrifecta: CO2 affects on Autism, ADHD, and Alzheimers. (webpage)
2010: CO2, the Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.
For more complete list, see www.BarnettForCongress.com.
By now your eyes and minds have closed because of information over-load. And, you have probably forgotten this article as you move onto another, unrelated assignment.
My best friend from 1980 till his death in the late 1999s was credited with writing the book that prompted journalism to redefine and rename itself as mass communication. He came up with the theory of the media being a "gatekeeper." Are you gatekeepers or fence straddlers?
I was in the Twin-Cities 2000-2003. I tried to share my research with various media outlets to no avail as is probably the current case, e.g., Twin-Cities.
I am autistic. I am smart. I completed U.G. requirements at So.Il. University (29,000 students) in just over two years cum laude. One semester I aced 24 credit hours door-to-door. If you review my resume or achievements, you will see many other top-shelf accomplishements in chemistry and electronics. My graduate interest and hobby--germane to the present focus--was the metabolic dynamics of CO2 within the context of the neurosciences. I abidicated academia because of an abundance of assholes.
I view myself as an intelligent idiot, an idiot for continuing to be a Jeremiah in a world without ears to listen. Do you know how to tell a really intelligent person? Most people want to buy a smart pill while intelligent idiots end up buying guns or price-shopping lobotomies.
We are in an accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown. All of our problem-solving institutions for a better existence are failing. The Prmary Moral Imperative is to save life on earth from climate change. As a species we do not have the intelligence to save ourselves. Glad I am at the end of my life rather than the beginning or middle.
I hope you will give some ink on your rag to the AlphaTrifecta. If you know a Mary Losure, wish her the worst.
Bob Barnett
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