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Is there a CO2 Matrix causing weather changes? (better Introduction image needed WWBT-12 logo)

If there is a connection between rising CO2 and climate changes, the clearest historical evidence may be in Africa.

A drought began in East Africa in the mid-1960's which was correlated with the production of oil upwind from the Saudi Peninsula (map of africa/saudi) [Point out Saudi Arabia and Horn of Africa]

This image of the prevailing wind patterns shows that the winds do come off of the Saudi peninsula onto the Horn of Africa. [Point out Saudi Arabia and Horn of Africa]

Another image shows the path of winds from the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. This is a NASA shuttle picture of the oil fields burning after the first Iraqi War in 1991. Notice how the plume of smoke swings southwest onto the Horn of Africa.

[FYI: Not necessarily for telecast or alternative for previous frame.] This montage shows the location of the Kuwaiti oil fields (upper left) and shows them on fire. The lower right shows smoking coursing to the southwest with the lower right showing a larger area with an 1800 mile long CO2 plume.]

Beyond the drought area, torrential rains were occurring in other parts of Africa. This is a picture of a desert covered by a flood just south of the Horn of Africa.

If it is true that oil field plumes of CO2 cause downwind droughts then closing down the oil fields would cause the drought to to away. (saudi oil fields flaring gas).

We don't have to close down oil fields on the Saudi peninsula in order to see if the drought will end. Do you remember the gas lines from the 1973-74 OPEC oil embargo when Saudi Arabia cut production by 75% to 95%? (gasline picture). Coincidentally, the drought in Africa went away for the same period.

With the end of the embargo and resumption of oil production in 1974, the drought returned to Africa. And with the droughts came the fires captured in this composite satellite image.

Tomorrow, we will look at some other droughts around the world that can be tied to the development of major oil fields. The implication this drought/deluge connection is that maybe global warming has been happening for years as "local warming."

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