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CO2 Matrix and the Dustbowl drought of the 1930's Depression

When asked what was the worst drought in American history, most people would say the 1930's Dustbowl. It destroyed farms and lives.

The Dustbowl generated great sadness and dislocation among the drought-stricken farmers whose farming techniques have been blamed for their own misfortunes. Did the Okies grow their grapes of wrath?

The CO2 matrix points the guilty finger upwind to the East Texas oil fields which were discovered and exploited in the late 1920's and early 1930's beginning with Spindletop.

Billions of cubic feet of natural gas were daily  released or flared.

Was the Dustbowl downwind from the Texas oil fields? Yes, the prevailing wind pattern is called the Texas Panhandler which goes into the Midwest

where another name is applied: Tornado Alley. Tornado alley begins in Texas and overlaps the Dustbowl geography dessicated by the CO2 matrix.

In the first segment of the CO2 matrix on WWBT-12, the East African drought was shown to be replaced by rain during the production drop of the OPEC 1973-74 oil boycott. The same thing happen not once but twice in Texas

First CO2 affirmation was in 1939. Oil production plummeted by 60% with the start of WWII which ended exports to Europe. With the drop of Texas oil production, the Dustbowl ended.

When oil production increased with war needs, the Dustbowl did not return for two reasons. One, rationing cut consumption. Two, two major pipelines were built to distribute petroleum to the Midwest and East, the Big and Little Inch which eliminated the CO2 matrix from East Texas.

In the early 1950's, Texas again provided a timeline for the CO2 matrix (oil fields and downwind drought) when the Dustbowl of the Midwest returned.

In the late 1940's, the West Texas oil fields in the Permian Basin (see China 1990's) were discovered and developed.

Second CO2 affirmation was the end of the second Dustbowl in 1956. Texas oil production plummeted by more than half because of cheap Arabian imports.

In the 1990's a third Dustbowl became evident. It was in West Texas rather than Tornado Alley.

The origin of this CO2 matrix starts in Texas which built gaslines to the west for massive electrical plants in Northern Mexico. Downwind from these plants are the droughts and fires of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Texas is not the biggest state in population but it emits more than twice the CO2 of California which as twice as many people. The emitted CO2 is drying out the downwind land locally while contributing greatly to global warming.

Next time, we will explain the simple process behind the CO2 matrix. You know it. You experience it each time you drink a beer or some carbonated beverage.

The CO2 Matrix changing our lives and future.

Click on the images to see the actual size.

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