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AirPol 071111 H Oil in Americas's Arctive
Conser 071111 H Conservation Order No. 207
PipeLi 071111 H Pipeline Facts Alaska
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
112Acr H Wild Fire112 K Acres Fairbanks A K* 040701USAtoday
Alaska H Alaska Climate Changes* 020616NYT
Alaska H Alaska May Take a Stake in Pipeline 041018WSJ
FireEa H Fire Early Alaska* 030416USAToday
Iditar H Iditarod Change* 030211USAToday
Interi H Interior Department to Open Alaskan Land to Oil Drilling 060112WashPost
LargeO H Large Oil Spill in Alaska Went Undetected for Days 060315NYT
Lashed H Lashed North East Record Storm* 070416USAToday
Louisi H Louisiana Smoke From Alaska* 040721USAToday
Louisi J LouisianaSmokeFromAlaska040721USAToday.jpg
NorthS H North Slope Drilling Alaska O K* 040123WSJ
NoWint H No Winter* 021206USAToday
OilPip H Oil Pipeline Columbia* 021205WashPost
OilSpi H Oil Spill Raises Concerns Over Pipeline Maintenance 060318NYT
PerilO H An Oil Pipeline in Peril? 060319Time
PerilO H An Oil Pipeline in Peril? 060319Time
PermaT J PermaThawAlaska040113.jpg
PermaT H Perma Thaw Oil Exploration* 040113NYT
Pipeli H Pipeline Blowup Columbia* 021125NYT
WarmNo H Warm No Profits Alaska* 021206StarTrib
WildFi H Wild Fires3x Norm Alaska* 020820NYT
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Alaska J AlaskaMapNasa.jpg
Alaska J AlaskaMapNasa71.jpg
alaska G alaskamapNatGeo.gif
alaska J alaskamapNatGeo2.jpg
alaska J alaskamapNatGeothm.jpg
alaska J alaskamapNatSq.jpg
alaska G alaskapipelinemap300.gif
alaska J alaskapipelinemapSQ.jpg
Alaska J AlaskaPipelineVu.jpg
Blcsmo J BlcsmokePrudhoeBay.jpg
Blcsmo J BlcsmokePrudhoeBay600.jpg
pipeli J pipeline.jpg
Prudho G PrudhoeBay.gif
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