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1 010112 htm BBC Tajikistan drought continues
  1. There's growing concern in Tajikistan over the lack of snow and rain this winter, and the implications this will have for the coming months.
  2. The relatively dry winter follows a severe drought last year, the worst for over seventy years.
  3. Food is being urgently distributed to help the victims of that crisis, although only a fraction of the aid requested has been received so far.
2 010130 htm Dawn Pakistan warned of another drought
  1. Pakistan is heading towards another severe drought spell due to less rainfall in the current winter season
3 010419 htm InstWarPeace China's Dangerous Thirst
  1. China's growing thirst for river water near its western borders is raising fears of major ecological catastrophe in Kazakstan
  2. The Chinese have prolonged negotiations under various pretexts while busily continuing construction of the Irtish channel.
4 010601 htm DOE Caspian Gas Production DOE Report 2000
  1. How Much Natural Gas Could be Exported from the Caspian Region? Natural gas production in the Caspian Sea region is projected to reach 4.3 Tcf in 2000, of which 1.3 Tcf will be exported, mostly from Turkmenistan
5 010613 htm FAO-org Drought causes famine in Afghanistan
  1. Three consecutive years of drought and intensifying economic problems have jeopardized Afghanistan's food supply, putting millions in danger of starvation
  2. The drought has resulted in near total failure of rainfed agriculture and has substantially reduced irrigated farm production
6 010710 htm UN-OCHA Iran - Drought OCHA Situation Report No. 1
  1. Iran is experiencing the third consecutive year of extreme drought. Ninety percent of the urban, rural, and nomadic populations are being severely affected
7 010715 htm CNN Drought Iran Livestock
  1. Officials earlier said that water had been rationed in 30 citie
8 010725 htm WSJ Oil Boom Kazakstan Oil Boom
  1. [Reviewed]
9 010803 htm WSJ Disputes Caspian Oil Disputes
  1. [Reviewed]
10 010821 htm OneWorld-Net Thrashed by Drought and Soviet Legacy
  1. Tajikistan, considered the poorest of the republics that formed part of the Soviet Union until 1991, faces its fourth consecutive year of droug
  2. The Uzbek agricultural sector is almost completely dependent upon irrigation
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11 010821 htm Washpost Famine Tajikistan
  1. Successive crop failures have left 1 million people in Tajikistan in need of urgent food aid,
12 010928 htm AssocPrs 3rd Year Drought Central Asia3rd Year
  1. Facing the third consecutive year of drought, countries in central Asia are facing severe food shortages and devastated crops and livestock
  2. crop production has declined to nearly half the average output
  3. There are 34 countries worldwide facing food emergencies, half of which are in Africa
13 010928 htm FAS-USDA Drought and Flood Plague Iran's Rice Crop
  1. A third consecutive year of drought
  2. Iran's rice production has been down for the past three years
  3. his year's drought affected 20 of 28 provinces in Iran
  4. In addition to a nationwide drought, heavy torrential rains during August 10-13, 2001 triggered devastating floods that damaged rice, cotton, and wheat producing areas
  5. These floods damaged thousands of hectares of farmland in Iran; claimed hundreds of lives; and washed away roads and houses, causing millions of dollars in damage.
14 011017 htm Guardian Taj Guard- Tajikistan Drought
  1. Food aid plea for 1m in Tajikistan
15 011030 htm Guardian Heat Central Asia Drought
  1. Drought-hit states facing famine
  2. Rising temperatures and low rainfall add to suffering
  3. Triggered by the lowest rainfall in living memory
16 011205 htm NYT River Iran Dries Up
  1. For two years, its river has been bone dry, except for brief periods when man or nature managed to make the water flow again. Where once water beckoned, there is only a sandy, rocky plain stretching as far as the eye can bear to look.
17 020121 htm WashPost drought Afghan
  1. "We don't want to plant poppy, but we have no choice," said Mohammed, 60, munching a handful of tender, dandelion-like poppy shoots. "There is so little water that the wheat won't grow well, and cotton prices have fallen by half. But with poppy, we can get 50 times the money. Everyone is starting to grow it again."
  2. deep wells dug by wealthier farmers last year have also run dry.
18 020413 htm DOE Kazakhstan: Flaring Report by DOE 2000
  1. Kazakhstan is the second largest oil producer among former Soviet republics after Russia
  2. Kazakh gas production has been hampered by the lack of infrastructure, with many oil producers flaring the gas instead of using it.
19 020812 htm CNN Brown Cloud Asia
  1. A dense blanket of pollution, dubbed the "Asian Brown Cloud," is hovering over South Asia, with scientists warning it could kill millions of people in the region, and pose a global threat.
20 970111 htm
AmericanEDU Kazakhstan and Oil
  1. the Caspian Sea region
  2. contains the third largest reserve of oil and natural gas in the
  3. world, behind the Gulf region and Siberia
  4. The region, however, is not without its own political turmoil.
  5. Developing oil fields in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan present unique
  6. difficulties and extricating the oil from the region will be even
  7. more tenuous. According to Chevron and oil analysts, a pipeline is
  8. imperative to justify an increase in production. In the short-
  9. term, production capacity is approximately 200,000 barrels a day.
  10. Existing production can be transshipped by rail or road
  11. Another problem is the flaring of
  12. natural gas; about 4.5 million cubic meter a day.
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