Monday, December 23, 2002. Posted: 14:34:34 (AEDT)

Fires burning out of control across

A number of bushfires continue to burn out of control across Western Australia and firefighters fear today's hot and stormy weather conditions could spark further outbreaks.

While the fires are not threatening any property at this stage there is concern that could change with little or no warning.

More than 16,000 hectares have already been burnt in bushfires that are all believed to have been started by lighting strikes.

The major areas of concern are the Armadale-Oakford area where four fires are burning, the Wannaroo area where two fires are out of control and in the mid-west fires near Cervantes and Jurien have forced authorities to close the access road to the townships.

While all fires have been contained none are completely under control, but at this stage no properties are under threat.