Thursday, December 5, 2002. Posted: 00:59:13 (AEDT)

Call for Australians to pay more for water use

There is a push to make Australians pay more for their water.

With water shortages forcing restrictions in many areas of Australia, a Senate committee today will report on how to better manage the 20 per cent of water used in urban areas.

Australian Water Association (AWA) spokesman Brian McRae says the group has argued water is too cheap in Australia.

"I certainly think the price of water does not reflect the value of water, what you're paying for... you're not paying the environment for any of the good that was taken out," Mr McRae said.

Mr McRae says if the price of water goes up, the extra money could be used to pay for subsidies on rainwater tanks and water efficient appliances.

He also wants the Federal Government to ban any brands of dishwashers, washing machines, shower heads and other devices that use too much water.

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