Australia: Global Dying Websegment (2001-2005)
  1. Missing Piece to Understanding Climate Contradictions and Extremes:  CO2/H2O fission/fusion atmospheric dynamics  (
  2. Droughts Forever, 1982 essay predicting longer droughts with downwind record deluges.
  3. Organic thesis of CO2 extremes and contradictions (YouTube)
  4. Global Dying (1990s+): List of historic and current droughts downwind from major dessicating CO2 sources. (YouTube Channel)
  5. Hurricanes for Dummies (2002): Projecting fewer but more powerful hurricanes(YouTube).
  6. Polar Timebomb (2006): Why polar ice caps keeps melting faster than computer models predict--90% extinction from unending heatwave within 18 months of ice cap melting. (YouTube)
  7. 2012 US  Megafires, Midwest Drought and Downwind Deluges. [The same is happening in California's fossil fuel foolishness in which the car-culture CO2 is soaking up water that is transported away for the "soda-bottle shake" deluges.]
  8. Bee Colony Collapse: CO2 dessicates and dehydrates bees on global/regional basis [pesticides are local killer]--also see AlphaTrifecta (YouTube)
  9. Compilation of 30-sec clips for TV ads on climate chaos and global dying
  10. Resume ... Achievements
  11. Timism: The morality of more time.

In summary,