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1 ------ txt China- Dry Times Threaten North Vitality
2 ------ htm
(see webpage) China Drought Farmers
  1. Persistent drought in northern China has put a strangle hold on this year's crops, despite steps to fight the drought.
3 ------ htn C N- Energy D O E-
4 ------ htm (see webpage) China Energy Information [Uploaded 071111
  1. China's energy consumption accounts for approximately 63% of East Asia's (excluding Japan) total energy
5 ------ htm (see webpage) Severe drought highlights in China [Uploaded 071111
  1. With 49 million hectares of irrigated land, China has more than any other country. This compares with some 46 million hectares in India and 20 million in the United States, the countries ranking second and third in irrigated area
  2. Since 1970, however, most of the additional irrigation has come from tapping underground water. Some 2 million wells now supply water for irrigation.
  3. The per capita availability of water resources in China is 2,300 cubic meters, or one- fourth of the world average. It is listed as one of the world's most water-scarce nations.
6 ------ htm
(see webpage) Serious Drought Along China's Yangtze River
  1. the drought had affected a total of 190 million mu (31.35 million acres) of farmland
  2. 6.9 million mu (1.14 million acres) of crops had simply dried ou
  3. Meanwhile, 15.6 million local residents and 13.1 million farm animals are facing temporary shortages of drinking water
7 000621 htm
ChinaD North South Water Movement
  1. The project is designed to divert at least 50 billion cubic metres of water from the Yangtze River into North China through its middle, east and west routes.
  2. On the west line, which experts only conducted an on-the-spot survey and did not make feasibility studies, the Yangtze and Yellow river area is separated by Mount Bayankala and the water must be lifted through a huge tunnel across the mountain to provide water to Northwest China's semi-arid areas.
  3. Water can easily flow to Tianjin along the east line after an estimated 18 billion cubic metres of water were lifted gradually via the Grand Canal from the Yangtze to the Huaihe and Yellow rivers. But water pollution remains a key threat in the area.
  4. building a 1,240-kilometre-long channel
8 000717 htm
Musi Drought Spreading South in China
  1. A summer drought gripping northeast and northern China is spreading to some areas south of the Yangtze River
9 010105 htm ECS Massive Water Probelms
  1. China Facing Massive Water Crisis Due to Pollution, Deforestation, Dams, Agriculture, Other Human Impacts
  2. In most years the Yellow River dries up 800 kilometers from the sea.
  3. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing is how few people in China are aware of this crisis. No angry environmental groups spring up as they did in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union, decrying the disappearance or pollution of vital water resources. Few in China dare to admit what has gone wrong or openly condemn the Communist Party for creating this terrible legacy.
10 010406 jpg
Sandstorm Mongolia010406
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11 010423 htm
ChinaD Three Rivers Gorge
  1. the world's largest hydropower project
  2. The statement said 997,600 cubic metres of cement had been poured over the past three months for the foundations of the gigantic plant. This year, about 4.1 million cubic metres of cement will be poured.
12 010501 gif
aeuwtpg Asia Central010501aeuwtpg
13 010503 htm
WashPost China Blizzard Of Clamities
  1. It began last winter with a blizzard that buried this region under an unusually thick blanket of snow. Then a summer drought parched the land, turning green prairies a dusty yellow brown.
14 010511 htm -gov Central China Suffers Severe Drought
  1. Central China's Hubei Province has been hit by severe drought
  2. The flow of water has stopped in many local rivers, more than 100,000 ponds have dried up, and there is less water in 1,000 major reservoirs in the province.
15 010524 htm
USAToday Severe Drought Korean
  1. Weather officials say the rainfall total so far this year in South Korea is 8.4 inches — one third below average. The drought is expected to continue in some areas until June, past the rice-planting season which begins in May.
16 010531 htm ChinaD Persistent Spring Drought
  1. It is reported that rainfall decreased from 30 to 90 percent in central and southern parts of Northeast China, North China, most areas along the Yellow River and Huaihe River, eastern parts of Northwest China, in Southwest China's Sichuan Province and in Yunnan Province
17 010604 htm
WSJ China's Bitter Harvest
  1. [Reviewed]
18 010605 htm
ChinaNews Beijing faces severe drought
  1. Beijing had only 20 millimeters of rainfall, 67.5 percent less than the normal level.
  2. drought has expanded since May as there were merely 4.5 millimeters of rainfall, down by 86 percent from the normal level
  3. A city in acute shortage of water, Beijing has a per capita occupation of water resources of merely 300 cubic meters, which is one-eighth of the national average and one-thirtieth of the world' s average.
19 010605 htm
China Yangtze River will enter the drought season
  1. [reviewed]
20 010607 htm
ChinaD 100daydrought
  1. The drought is affecting more than 23 million hectares
  2. A total of 8.9 million hectares of land has come up with no harvest at all.
  3. In Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, the per mu yield of wheat had decreased to 100 kilograms, only about half of the usual,
  4. By the end of May, more than 4.26 million hectares of cultivable land had missed the chance for planting because it was too dry.
  5. Seedlings in about 730,000 hectares of land never germinated at all.
  6. n addition, rice planting became impossible in 1.53 million hectares of paddy land
  7. .
  8. Unusually dry weather, which has lasted for about 100 days, is also threatening the lives of 15.8 million people by causing a shortage of drinking water.
  9. Local governments have called on people to conserve water. By Tuesday, 3 billion yuan (US$363 million) had been allocated to the anti-drought drive which affects 30.4 million people across the country.
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21 010609 htm AssocPrs Flood Victims Rescued in Hong Kong
  1. The Hong Kong Observatory recorded rainfall of more than 80 inches in the worst-hit rural areas
22 010609 htm CNN Hong Kong Flooding
  1. The Hong Kong Observatory recorded 12 inches of rainfall in the worst-hit rural areas during a five-hour period Saturday
23 010610 htm
ChinaD Hong Kong Flood5 Day
  1. Hong Kong braces for more floods
24 010611 htm
ChinaD Drought Needs More Effort
  1. 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions over the past three months.
  2. A total of 15.8 million people are facing a shortage of drinkable water.
  3. =The drought is affecting over 23 million hectares of non-irrigated farmland in Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Shaanxi provinces and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region amongst others.
25 010611 htm
CNN Rainfall Worst On Record
  1. Deluges, tornados wreak havoc in S China
26 010612 htm NYT Korea Worst Drought Century
  1. South Korean army will help farmers build new ditches to carry water to drought-stricken rice paddies while air force and navy transport emergency supplies of water and equipment
27 010613 htm
ChinaNews China combats drought in agricultural areas
  1. [reviewed]
28 010614 htm ChinaD Locust Plague China
  1. The ministry said that a total of 2.9 million hectares of land produced no harvest at all and more than 4.26 million hectares was left unsown
  2. The drought has given rise to the threat of locust plague
29 010618 htm
PeoplesDaily China Fighting Against Worst Locust Plague
  1. infested 6.7 million hectares of land,
30 010621 htm
ChinaD Beijing3billion Dollar Water Project
  1. [Reviewed]
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
31 010623 htm WSJ Crash Drought Water Program
  1. The Chinese government has announced details of a crash, multibillion-dollar plan it hopes will salvage the deteriorating water supply here, which along with other northern cities has suffered from years of unusually low rainfall and decades of unchecked pollution and poorly planned development.
  2. To make up the deficit, Beijing has resorted to overpumping of underground waters
  3. Officials offered no details of how they would meet the huge cost of building so many plants and hooking up sprawling communities to the main sewerage system.
32 010625 htm USAToday Tropical Storm China
  1. [Reviewed]
33 010628 htm
ChinaD Drought Measures China
  1. In Shenyang, the provincial capital, the consumption fee for underground water has been lifted by a large margin and payments on water for living and industrial use increased by five and 10 times respectively.
  2. bathrooms for citizens have been asked to limit public opening to every other day.
34 010701 htm Wetlands Drying Up In China
  1. peasants are abandoning their land to search for work in factories and mines.[Catch-22, More CO2 generation and more drought.]
  2. China has about as much water as Canada but 40 times more people, and demand for water is soaring as cities grow, industry expands and living standards rise. Reckless economic development, low water prices and poor planning have exacerbated the problem.
  3. But for the fifth summer in a row, these once-majestic wetlands 70 miles south of Beijing are drier than they are wet.
  4. Water levels are nearly seven feet below normal, rendering many of the docks on the scattered islands useless. Wooden boats sit stranded in stinking ditches that once were sparkling waterways.
  5. More than half of China's 700 cities suffer chronic shortages, causing $15 billion in lost industrial output every year
  6. China's rivers and lakes are all polluted to some degree; half the population drinks contaminated water,
  7. much water is drawn from the Yellow River that it fails to reach the Bo Hai gulf several months each year. China plans to spend tens of billions of dollars building huge tunnels and aqueducts to take water from the south and channel it hundreds of miles to the north, but the mammoth project could take decades to complete.
  8. there is less water in the lakes, the pollution has a greater effect
35 010706 htm
China Drought Moving South: No Serious Flooding for This Summer: Experts
  1. Lu said the serious draught has affected the yield of spring crops and the sowing of summer crops in the north. He said since the rainy season in the south concluded earlier and had less rainfall than usual, the crops in this area are also likely to be affected.
36 010815 gif WSJ asiacpipeline010815 W S J
37 010815 htm WashPost Pollution Fudging China
  1. Research by a Japanese scientist, funded by the World Bank, raises questions about Chinese statistics that show a huge reduction in production of coal, a fuel whose consumption contributes heavily to pollution here. And at a recent conference in Beijing, a Chinese scientist reported that China will revise upward its estimates for coal consumption for 1999, wiping out half the previously reported reductions.
  2. Other research points to a serious underreporting of China's consumption of oil, another major pollutant.
  3. The projected rise in pollution was thrown into doubt when researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., reported in April that, since 1996, China's energy output had fallen 17 percent and its carbon dioxide emissions had fallen 14 percent, even though China's economy grew by 36 percent over the same period. Also in April, the European Union office in Beijing estimated China had increased energy efficiency by 50 percent and reduced coal use by 30 percent over the past five years
  4. The reports, which emerged soon after the Bush administration announced it was withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, drew wide notice. They bolstered Beijing's arguments that if a relatively poor country like China could achieve major reductions in its carbon dioxide emissions, then richer countries should be able to follow suit
  5. But a report issued by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing this month called the statistical claims "greatly exaggerated," saying they fell "outside the realm of experience of any other country in modern times." The report concluded that China's greenhouse gas emissions "have dropped little, if at all."
38 020408 htm CNN Sand China Worst
  1. Dust storms, made worse by extensive deforestation, sweep across northern China each spring. The government is trying to mitigate the effects through massive tree-planting programs in the capital and across the northern plateau.
39 020414 htm NYT Dust Storm Econ Impact China Korea Japan
  1. School was called off throughout much of this sprawling city last Monday because of inclement weather.
  2. it was an immense cloud of dust that blew in from China's fast-spreading deserts, about 750 miles away.
  3. But as the dust storms have grown, their impact has been spreading rapidly eastward, blighting the air over the Korean peninsula and beyond.
  4. Hyundai Motor, meanwhile, a major automobile manufacturer, has reportedly begun to wax its cars differently and shrink wrap them in plastic sheeting before export to protect them from the dust.
40 020424 htm USAToday Taiwan Drought
  1. Dry riverbeds border low water levels
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
41 020607 jpg China Smoke T M O2002158 Nasa020607
42 020729 htm CNN China Floods Record
  1. Twenty rivers in the region were at dangerous levels, seven of them at record highs
43 020812 htm NYT Tokyo Heat
  1. "Over the last century, Tokyo temperatures have increased five times as fast as global warming
  2. While the world's average mean temperature has increased by one degree Fahrenheit since 1900, Tokyo's has increased by 5.2 degrees.
44 020816 htm StarTrib Weather Extremes China
  1. The places being flooded were part of China's arid belt
45 020820 htm
CNN Giant Lake Flooded China
  1. [Reviewed
46 021003 htm NYT Japan Russia Oil Deal
  1. Japan Looks to Eastern Russia for Oil
47 030228 htm CNN Wells Locked China
  1. Hei Wanxiang doesn't have a lock on his front door, but he has a lock on his well.
48 040331 htm Reuters Sand Storms Worsening
  1. Dust and sand storms have plagued Northeast Asia for centuries but are getting worse in modern times,
  2. Storms affect the region nearly five times as frequently as they did five decades ago
49 080101 htm NASA-Gov Perfect Dust Storm
  1. From AD 300 to 1949, China experienced a dust storm on average every 31 years. After 1990, a dust storm occurred almost every year.
50 980701 htm
WorldWatch China's Water Shortage Could Shake World Food Security
  1. China depends on irrigated land to produce 70 percent of the grain for its huge population of 1.2 billion peopl
  2. Diversion, Depletion, and Pollution
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