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So Cal Fires Record*

Posted 11/27/2003 8:18 AM

SoCal wildfires set state record for most acreage burned, buildings destroyed

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Last month's wildfires burned more acreage and damaged more buildings than any others in California history, state officials said.

New statistics from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection show that the Cedar Fire in San Diego County scorched about 273,000 acres, eclipsing the 1932 record of 220,000 acres set for a single blaze.

The Cedar Fire also destroyed 2,820 buildings.

As of Monday, about 989,000 acres across California had burned this year, topping the previous record year, 1987, when fires charred 780,000 acres. More than 4,800 structures were destroyed and 22 people were killed this year.

Federal officials said Wednesday that they have provided nearly $74 million in aid following the wildfires. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the agency has approved $15.6 million for housing, transportation and medical needs. The Small Business Administration has approved $58.3 million in disaster loans.

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