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The genie in the bottle has two variations. The most common is the happy-released genie who grants three wishes. The other is the genie angry because it took too long to be released.
In 1982, based on the organic thesis of climate change, I explained that rising CO2 levels would cause increased droughts with downwind deluges and flooding. Droughts potentiate forest fires. In particular, in 2002, I referenced the Ft. McMurray area having a causal relation between oil production and drought, i.e., "the evolving Sahara of North America." Alberta's long-standing petro-rich arrogance and resentment toward the eastern provinces will, in the end, be Alberta's coup de grace.
Be honest with yourself. Note the timeline between the massive CO2-sinning from developing the Oil Sands and the expanding drought envelope. Want to get back to a green normalcy? Consider the timeline of the African East Coast drought that has caused social, economic and political chaos fueling the Merkle Migrant Mess. The Sahara has expanded 200 miles southward, destroying 1,000,000 sq miles of farmland which evicted the subsistence farmers into refugee camp. The drought began in 1965 when upwind Saudi production exceeded 8 million barrels a day. Incriminatingly, the African drought abated for the nine months corresponding to the mid-1970s OPEC oil embargo when Saudi oil production dropped by 95%.
The relationship of upwind oil fields and downwind droughts is detailed in more than a dozen areas, e.g., Brazil, Central Asia, China, India, Russia, etc. The US Dustbowls were not caused by farmers techniques but by the East Texas Spindletop oil field (1930s) and the West Texas Permian basin (1950s).

Saudi Arabia daily burns about 7 billion cubic feet of natural gas from which snaking atmospheric rivers of dessicating CO2 course onto the Horn of Africa. Of course, Canadians think Canada is an exception to the rules of Mother Nature. Worse than the hot air of habitual politicians is the global holocaust of greenhouse gases.
Once, I had a meeting scheduled with a Chairperson at the University of Alberta on this topic. He canceled so as to go sight-seeing in Virginia. A few years later (2013), Edmonton had massive flooding with this person's home suffering severe water damage. Yeh! When his children's homes burn down I won't shed a tear.
Consistently, from the beginning, numerous media contacts have met with silence including ones to the Canadian media. I expect this one to have similar results since Canadians, like others, lack the integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) to do the right thing. Humanity is plagued by petrophiliacs and ostriches. The latter head-hiders hope the problems will pass them by. Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your life.
What is the right thing to do? First of all, stop referring to the fire as the Ft. Murray fire. Call it for what caused it: The Oil  Sands Fire. Choose a label that informs rather than distracts. But, given that petrophiliacs control of the media and government, proper and edifying nomenclature will be pooh-poohed.
What is the right thing to do? Publish the summary on the carbonation of the atmosphere, CO2: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. I do not expect this to be done because of insufficient iCube on the part of the reader, i.e., the rapist self-image syndrome.
Head-hiders will preach that The Oil Sands Fire is a once-in-a-lifetime event. If you believe that then I will sell you two bridges in Brooklyn for the price of one. Droughts, floods and fires are the new normal until we stop being abnormal with Ma Nature. The pump price for fossil fuels is a downpayment on a loan with loan-shark interest rates: Ma Nature takes regular payments in natural disasters caused by petrophiliacs. In a world dying from our CO2-sinning, the real cost of anything is the problem-causing, time-consuming CO2 it generates--see CO2, A currency killing life on earth. Fools fiddle with funny numbers on funny paper to fabricate and fudge false figures and fancies..
Respect derives from "re-inspect." To fully respect an individual or issue requires a willingness and an ability with sufficient time to inspect and re-inspect. This combination is lacking inasmuch as the CO2 organic thesis is a product of four decades of quiet research that comprises Timism: The Moralitiy of More Time, a TOE without equal. The majority of readers will trust their gut-reactions over taking the time to read and learn, that is, readers formulate their views and values based on their emotional bowel movements, i.e., they are doodoo digesters or shat-eaters.
No one reading this can comprehend and respect Timism. Quickly, your interest will flag as your iCube fosters yegotism: Your Eyes Glaze Over. Thus, the prescriptions predicated on the descriptions will not be considered let alone implemented to reverse the existential meltdown of our problem-solving infrastructure. (My resume and achievements often prompt "liar" by those who intellectually cannot tie their shoes let alone run faster and farther in life. Yegotistically, most's enlightenment is no more than the flame of a match or a cigarette lighter compared to the mid-day blazing sun of timism or the all-month blazing sum of Oil Sands Fires.)
Repeated abuse by corrupt, greedy decision-makers has engendered sadistic bedside manners in this climate change physician. I know you will not take the needed medicine unless I cater to your emotional self-deceptions. I won't. Die. Die in more horrible ways as your homes and jobs burn up. The day will come when the parched wheat fields of Western Canada become a blazing, province-wide home and town burner with one question: Where do homeless millions go when all of Planet Earth is a tinder-box? Europe!
The Oil Sands Fires of Western Canada are tempests-in-teapots compared to what is coming. As I predicted not long ago, the First World's middle-class is going to echo the Mid-East middle-class. The convoys leaving the Oil Sands Fires are self-similar to the boat refugees from Asia and Africa. The common cause is droughts--Syria's in a 900 year drought. Because we will not initiate bearable sacrifices, today, we will have unbearable suffering tomorrow. Remember, when your future disappears in a few minutes, I told you so!
When things settle down, officials will try to re-establish the nomality of re-starting the rape of Mother Nature, e.g., promoting the poster kids of petrophilia, the Edmonton Oilers. Or, consider Notley's comment: "No damage to oilsands plants; production to resume in days ahead" which means winning the economic battle today while losing the war to save the economy and environment. The next massive fire should be called the Notley Nightmare. Notley, a petrophiliac, is assassinating Alberta's future.
Like state budgets addicted to gambling revenues which metastasizes greater economic costs and losses, Albertans are addicted to petrophilia revenues. Fossil fuel follies save pennies which causes climate-change capital-costs. Thus, Albertans, Burn, Baby, Burn because your CO2 sinning against Mother Nature does not stay inside your borders anymore than California's CO2 sinning stays there: Downwind deluges and flooding. The money costs of the Oil Sands Fires is far less than the inevitable downwind flooding costs of destroyed homes, businesses and infrastructures as the masses of CO2 soak up water till agitated into a soda bottle shake.
The Oil Sands Fires shows that "Ignowance of Mother Nature's Laws is no escape." People will pray to gods created in their own images, images plagued with insecurities, inferiorities and igknowance. The latter is when people chose not to know--ostriches.
Well, it is amusing to know that "what needs to be done will not be done" with the knowledge that chastising the guilty parties will prompt them to continue to do the wrong thing instead of the right thing. Albertans will be like the rapist who throttles his screaming victim for blemishing the rapist's self-image. Schadenfreude is a revengeful refuge for the mistreated.
A peezed-off genie
P.S. If you have read this far then you may have the thick-skin needed to do the right thing, that is, fire and drought may break your bones but words will never deter you. I challenge  you to summarize this as an OpEd piece to save your future ... and/or the CO2: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. I will be thrilled either way like watching women in either beauty contests or mud wrestling.
For more information, visit Some say the solution to our problems is to grow the economy. Yes, more CO2 sinning and expensive climate change chaos will improve our quality of life. Global warming quiz: Grow the economy till we die or slow the economy so we live? For the latter, check out Without pre-emptive economic reform, it is only a matter of time before, as a measure of self-preservation, the rally cry becomes "Save our future, kill an oil worker." Mid-East climate victims had sticks. Westeners have guns. Please note that this is not a call to potentiate apathetic environmentalists to become explosive eco-terrorists. Rather, hopefully, public and private policy-makers will act to reverse our wholesale, government-catalyzed CO2 sinning: When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
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