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Energy 071111 H Energy Review by Plunket Research
Georgi 071111 H Drought May Continue in Southwest Georgia
GOMPro 071111 H GOM: Deepwater: A New Frontier for Resource Management
GulfMe 071111 H Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Gulf of Mexico deepwater oil production surging
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
BigOil O Big Oil Find Is Reported Deep in Gulf 060906NYT
Drough H Drought N E* 020220NYT
Drough O Drought N Y* 020128NYT
Drynes H Dryness East Coast* 020228WashPost
FedPan O Fed Panel For Offshore Drilling* 010526StarTrib
Florid H Florida Revolt* 010705WashPost
Florid H Florida Wild Fires* 010527CNN
GOM40r H Rigs Drilling in Deepwater Gulf Reaches Record High 001227MMS
GOM42r H Number of Rigs Drilling In Deepwater Gulf Reaches Record High of 42 010419MMS
GOM45r H Two Records Are Set for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 010523MMS
GOMLea O GOMLeasing010702NYT.gif
GulfDr H Gulf drilling hub also whale hangout 010525Newsweek
GulfLe H Gulf Leases Start* 010702WashPost
MaineS H Maine Stoic In Drought* 020315NYT
Mexico O Mexico4th Largest Oil Producer* 020903NYT
MoreOi O More Oil G O M* 040324NYT
PowerH O Power Hydro Threat Drought* 020926RTD
Richmo H Thirty-six rainless days pour on the problems 011120RTD
Southe O Southeast Drought Again* 040328USAToday
Summer O Summer Forecast Drought* 010517USAToday
TampaR H Tampa Record Low Rainfall* 010827USAToday
UVaDro O U Va Drought Shutdown* 020925WashPost
VaEmis H Va Emissions C O2 Up* 020408RTD
VaRive O Va Rivers Record Lows* 020820RTD
VirgaD O Virga Dry Air Precip* 020917USAToday
WarmEa H Warm East Coast* 011129CNN
WaterW H Water Wars Brew In Southeast* 010718USAToday
WaterW H Water Wells Digging* 020416WashPost
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