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Allergies Increase
2 010515 htm Don't Call Stachybotris the Black Plague
  1. Because this has been a particularly rainy year, some Southern states and others around the country are experiencing a bad outbreak of black mold. Unfortunately, it spreads like crazy.
3 010615 htm StarTrib Mosquito Borne Diseases M N W I
  1. Mosquito-borne disease comes early to Minnesota-Wisconsin border area
4 020621 htm LaTimes Disease Rise Global Warming
  1. Study Links Warming to Epidemics
  2. A wide-ranging survey of world ecosystems shows that warmer temperatures have sparked a host of epidemics in plants and animals, suggesting that global warming could ravage the planet's ecology and accelerate disease in a number of species--including our own.
  3. The study is a litany of species--oysters, oaks, monarch butterflies and colorful Hawaiian forest birds called honeycreepers
  4. "It's not only going to be a warmer world, it's going to be a sicker world,"
5 020726 htm CNN Florida boy dies from amoeba in lake
  1. The environmental conditions in Florida lakes -- especially in the hot summer months -- are ideal for amoebas to thrive and proliferate
6 020809 htm NYT West Nile Virus Heat Spread
  1. An unusually warm summer may be contributing to the nation's worst outbreak of West Nile virus since it appeared in this country three years ago
7 020927 htm
AuBC Health Risks Global Warming
  1. Those warmer conditions could provide an ideal breeding ground for the malaria virus
8 021120 htm NYT Virus Ship Amsterdam
  1. The Holland America cruise line said today that it was canceling the next scheduled sailing of the Amsterdam out of Fort Lauderdale after more than 500 passengers and crew members, including 74 currently aboard, fell ill from a gastrointestinal virus on the vessel's last four cruises
9 021122 htm NYT Virus Ship Disney
  1. About 100 passengers on a Disney cruise ship contracted a contagious stomach virus
10 021227 htm
WashPost West Nile Specie Impact
  1. First there was the silence of the crows.
  2. Then the horses fell ill -- more than 14,000 this past summer alone -- along with squirrels, chipmunks and mountain goats. Even mighty raptors -- eagles, hawks and great horned owls -- dropped from the sky
  3. the virus killed at least 241 people and infected many thousands more
  4. the effects on wildlife were far worse.
  5. The virus swept westward with alarming rapidity this year, appearing in almost every state in the nation -- an astonishing expansion for a bug that had never been seen in the Western Hemisphere until three years ago
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11 051102 htm
USAToday Climate Change Linkedto Disease Increase
  1. Climate change may promote the spread of deadly diseases like malaria and asthma in both rich and poor countries by increasing the range of parasitic insects and whipping up dust from storms, a new report says.
12 070408 htm
WashPost Alien Invasion Fungus Came To Canada
  1. All would become pieces of a medical mystery centered on a tropical disease apparently brought to North America by a warming climate. An alien fungus took root on Vancouver Island eight years ago and has since killed eight people and infected at least 163 others, as well as many animals.
  2. focus on a fungus, a member of the yeast family called Cryptococcus gattii. The microscopic fungus is normally found in the bark of eucalyptus trees in Australia and other tropical zones.
  3. More disturbing, the fungus appeared to be more virulent than in Australia.
  4. His doctor was skeptical, but a chest X-ray showed nodules in his lung -- either cancer or the fungus
13 070511 htm
USAtoday Black Death In Squirrels Denver
  1. A rash of squirrel deaths from plague in the middle of Colorado's largest city has heightened surveillance for the deadly but curable disease
14 070517 htm
USAtoday Depleted Species From West Nile
  1. Almost 50% of crows have declined in some regions
  2. Of the 20 species studied, 13 hit 10-year population lows after the West Nile epidemic of 2003, the worst year so far in the USA, when the CDC reported 9,862 people were infected and 264 died.
15 091113 htm
WashPost If swine flu joins bird flu, the flu pandemic may be much worse
  1. When swine flu erupted this spring in the southwestern United States and Mexico, it had been 40 years since the last flu pandemic.
  2. Yet many flu specialists say their real nightmare is that swine flu could meet up and swap genetic material -- or reassort, as these scientists say -- with another, deadlier flu strain, breeding a new virus that is as contagious as H1N1 but far more savage.
  3. Such a strain is already circulating in Asia and Africa, and it could be ready for a chance encounter with swine flu. It is called bird flu. Unlike swine flu, which is no worse than a seasonal flu bug for most people, bird flu kills more than half of those who contract it: While there have been only 460 confirmed human cases of bird flu, 268 of those people died. And even more than swine flu, bird flu preys on the young and healthy, ravaging their lungs, a modus operandi reminiscent of the 1918 flu that killed as many as 50 million people.
  4. urged public health experts not to take their eyes off H5N1 bird flu even as H1N1 swine flu was sweeping the globe this spring
  5. Influenza is a cruel wonder of nature, one of the most promiscuous microbes. Its viruses have a rare gift for swapping genetic material with each other. This is because the genetic material in a flu virus -- unlike in nearly all other viruses -- is composed of segments that can be individually replaced. If two different strains invade the same cell, they can trade attributes, then dispatch that progeny back into the world
  6. I discovered how economic, political and cultural realities were conspiring to imperil us. In a single generation, East Asia's surging demand for protein has led to an explosion in poultry farming, and these flocks have become perfect breeding grounds for a pandemic strain. At the same time, age-old customs have facilitated the virus's spread.
  7. In Thailand, I went to cockfights at makeshift arenas to see how fans crowd around birds that may be carrying the disease. I visited breeders of fighting cocks, witnessing how they cradle the birds, wiping down their bloodied feathers and even sucking mucus from their beaks. At live poultry markets in Indonesia, China and Vietnam, where the air was rank with the odor of chickens and ducks, and the floors slick with their blood, I saw how people and livestock were crammed together, a crucial nexus in the spread of the virus.
  8. Already, the swine flu epidemic has chastened us by revealing the sorry state of our antiquated technology for producing vaccines and the limits of our brittle, underfunded system for emergency medical care. But swine flu is not merely a warning shot. The virus itself could be the catalyst for a new flu -- and an even deadlier pandemic.

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