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  1. General
  2. Physical
  3. Thermochemistry
  4. Safety
  5. Carbon dioxide
  6. dry ice
  7. carbonated water
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N Erecordprecip
3 010617 htm StarTrib Heavy Rains Take Toll
  1. Heavy rains take heavy toll on Minnesota farmers' crops
4 011219 htm Newsweek N West Record Rain Fall
  1. In Washington, record rainfall totals for the date were reported from Olympia to the Seattle-Tacoma airport to the north and Stampede Pass in the Cascades to the east. The total at Olympia, 2.12 inches, easily bested the mark of 1.38 inches set in 1966.
5 020108 htm Fnet Heavy snowstorms hit Russia's far east
  1. Some two months' worth of snow showered down upon the far eastern region, piling half a metre of snow upon numerous villages and bringing down electrical lines.
  2. Vladivostok dwellers also witnessed a rare snow thunderstorm, which had been seen only twice in the 20th century
6 020913 htm RockMtNws Torrential rain, hail and funnel clouds descend on area
  1. After being knocked silly all summer by the worst drought in Colorado history, Zeus replied Thursday, dumping torrential rain and hail
7 021215 htm
RTD Well Runs Dry
  1. "They went 900 feet and there wasn't any water," the woman said. "We had to pay $9,000 for a hole in the ground."
  2. "Wells going dry is still a problem in the State of Virginia, even with the recent rains,"
  3. "Over 6,000 wells have gone dry from July 1 to October 15,"
8 031021 htm
USAToday Seattle Rain Flood
  1. It was the kind of rain the Rain City had never seen. A daylong deluge on Monday demolished rainfall records, flooded streets and inundated cars
  2. Seattle received 5.02 inches Monday. It was the most rainfall in a 24-hour period since Seattle began keeping records in 1891. The deluge beat the previous one-day record — 3.41 inches on Nov. 20, 1959 — by almost 50%.
  3. The Puget Sound region is known for its rainy weather — but generally a gentler variety
  4. October is normally a dry month in Seattle. But rains have been heavy this month after the driest summer since 1885
  5. "Now we get it all back in one day,"
9 040720 htm
USAtoday Texas Sets June Record For Wetness
  1. It was the second wettest June on record for Mississippi and No. 3 for Louisiana
10 040802 htm USAToday Four Foot Rain Japan
  1. as much as 48 inches of rain have fallen in some areas
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11 060414 htm
USAToday One More For Record Book28storms In2005-
  1. Nearly five months after the record-shattering 2005 hurricane season ended, the summer of storms suddenly grew bigger by one.
12 070418 htm
USAToday N E Suffers Record Rain Fall
  1. At midday Monday, more than 8 inches of rain fell in New York City's Central Park
13 070424 htm
USAToday New England Faces Flood And Fires
  1. Portions of northern New England faced a renewed threat of spring flooding Tuesday, even as the fire danger remained high.
14 100819 htm
USAToday Deadly summer storms batter China
  1. southwest China's Yunnan province
  2. The worst recent landslide was on Aug. 8
  3. in Zhouqu of Gansu province
  4. In southwestern China
  5. Floods and landslides across China in recent months that have left hundreds dead and washed a way settlements in some parts of the country

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