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1 040329 htm NBC 150 'dead zones' counted in oceans
  1. range from under a square mile to up to 45,000 square miles
  2. The most infamous zone is in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Mississippi River dumps fertilizer runoff from the Midwest.
2 080620 htm
USAToday Floodwaters To Widen Dead Zone In Gulf
  1. The dead zone is a region of the gulf that becomes starved for oxygen during much of the summer and cannot support fish or other sea life.
  2. There are hundreds of dead zones around the world that wreak havoc with marine ecology and cut off vast areas for commercial fishing. The zone in the gulf is the largest in the Western Hemisphere.
  3. The zone off the Louisiana and Texas coasts was first seen in 1972
  4. more than 10,000 square miles
  5. The dead zone in the gulf forms in early summer and lasts through early fal
  6. In May, nearly 500 million pounds of nitrates flowed down the Mississippi, Rabalais said. The algae bloom — the first step of dead zones — started a month early this year
3 080623 htm
Terradaily Baltic Sea Gasps For Air As Marine Dead Zones Spread
  1. could cause the Baltic Sea ecosystem to collapse.
  2. When the excess algae and other organisms die and sink to the bottom, they are decomposed by bacteria that suck up all the available oxygen, in a process called eutrophication.
  3. Since 1995, the number of such dead zones around the world have soared from 44 to 169
  4. Around the world last year "marine dead zones covered an area double the size of arable land in Sweden, or 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 square miles),

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