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SCFire O S C Fires Contained09028 US A Today
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Agency O Agency Predicts More Fires In West And So East* 070505USAToday
Alaska O Alaska Blaze Destroys Dozens Of Homes 070624USAToday
APHist J APHistoryWildfires020731CNN.jpeg
Argent O Argentina_AMO_080716NasaGov.jpg
AtLeas O At Least500 People Flee25000 Acre Fire In Texas 080319USAToday
Batter O No title found w/scanfile 081014WashPost
BogFir H Bog Fires Russia* 020906LaTimes
Bracin O Texas bracing for likelihood of winter wildfires 071025USAToday
BurnMo O Burn More Aggressively Wildfires Risks Gnaw At Fire Fighters 071001USAToday
Calif_ O Calif. Wildfires Continue to Rage 081014WashPost
CaMnSo O Ca Mn So East Fire Threat Eases* 070512USAToday
Canada O Canada_AMO080630NasaGov.jpg
Canary O Canary Island Fire11000 Evacuate 070801USAToday
Catali O Catalina Island Wild Fire* 070511USAToday
CaWild O Ca Wild Fire Destroysover200 Homes 070626USAToday
Co-Wil O Co-Wildfire Destroys3 Homes Colorado 070622USAToday
CrewsT O Crews Try To Contain Wildfires Just West Of Reno 070624USAToday
Deadli O Deadliest Ever Aussie Wildfires Kill130- 090207USAToday
Declar O California declares emergency as wildfires spread 090815WashPost
Doctor O Doctors Visits Spike From Wild Fires 080701USAToday
DryCon O Dry Conditions Could Fuel Fires In South 081202USAToday
Extrem H Extreme Behavior Fires Colorado* 020619CNN
FirePl H Fire Plan10 Yr Bush* 010815CNN
FiresM H Fires May Need Military* 010815CNN
Firesm J Firesmongolia020925Nasa.jpg
FiresT H Fires Twice As Big* 020619NYT
FlaFir O Fla Fire Crews Near Breaking Point* 070511USAtoday
FlaGeo O Fla Geog Battles Wild Fires* 070511USAToday
Foreig O Foreign Fire Fighters Battle Greek Fires 070829USAToday
Forest O Indonesian fires have exacerbated global warming: research 021107AuBC
FuelWe O Fuel Western Fires Invasive Plants 070901USAToday
GaWild O Ga Wildfire Continues To Burn* 070422USAToday
GreatD O Printer-Friendly Version 080706RTD
HotWin T HotWindsCropsDead021114AuBC.txt
Leader H Leaders Face Criticism Greek Fires 070829USAToday
MajorC O Major Colorado Wild Fire Only Matter Of Time-Lawmakers 080806USAToday
Monste O Monster Ga Wildfire* 070416USAToday
MoreFi O More Fires From Lightning Storms 080805USAToday
MostDe O Most Destructive Fire Season* 061006USAToday
NorthS O North Slope Tundra Still Burning 070928USAToday
Raging O Raging Wildfires Force Evacuations Florida* 070505USAtoday
Russia H Russian Fires* 020816StarTrib
Russia O RussianFires080630NASAgov.jpg
SoAfri O So Africa Wild Fire Kills18people 070801USAToday
Tensof O Tens of Thousands Flee Homes as Fires Rage in Southern California 081116WashPost
Unprec H Unprecedented Lightning Sparks800 Plus Wildfires In Calif 080623USAToday
USneed O Oakland Tribune: U.S. needs to keep fire tanker funding 071023OaklandTribune
ViewsF H Views Fire Devastation In North Calif-Bush 080717WashPost
WhyGlo O Why Global Warming May Be Fueling Australia's Fires - 090209Time
WildFi O Wildfire plans are deadlocked 020918AzRep
WildFi O Wild Fires Flare Across The West 070708USAToday
WildFi O Wild Fires Likely To Spread Due To Global Warming 080417Reuters
WorldF H World Fires Nasa* 020829CNN
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dateli J
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