Greece Fires 2007

As the local warming and drought downwind from oil fields has been a microcosm and harbinger of global warming so are the fires of Greece in Summer 2007 an example of what has gone wrong and what will be. It is another example of how habitual politicians cannot handle disasters without magnifying the disaster, e.g., Katrina, Darfur and Baghdad.

  1. The rate of global dying accelerated as the more CO2 sequestering biomass was removed from the global equation with billions of tons of CO2 injected into the atmosphere in a few days from the files.
    1. The foodchain was further constricted as commercial farms and private gardens were destroyed by fire.
    2. People failed to realize their role in precipitating the fires by living CO2-sinning lives of materialism instead life-saving mentalism.
    3. People turned to Baghdad-type violence in the street as a form of protest rather than constructive civic action.
    4. People in Greece want something for nothing: Safe, secure lives without regular involvement in a better life on earth.
    5. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police--both the Greek politicians and people are poor shapers of their time.
    6. Ignorance is bliss until the ignored problems ruin your lives, e.g., fires.
  2. Instead of the massive, national CO2 sinning of the 2004 Olympics, Greek politicians should have been as time-shapers organizing Greeks to curtail CO2 generation as well as organizing fire breaks and fire training.
    1. Greece was no different from New Orleans that should should have built a Super Dike instead of a Super Dome and Minneapolis that should have built a better bridge instead of a new ballpark
    2. Will China realize that the role of play in killing life on earth with its massive, national CO2 sinning of Beijing 2008?
    3. All play and politics used to make Jack and Jill desperate and desperate but no play kills.
  3. Greek politicians blamed terrorism for the fires: The idea that hundreds of terrorists could spring up overnight all over Greece and set simultaneous fires is the hallmark of one or more of the following:
    1. Habitual politicians: If you like habitual problems, vote for habitual politicians, for in times of habitual problems the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician.
    2. Compassionate conservatives who, when querry, prove to be passionate hypocrites.
    3. Funny mentalists who ignore the fundamentals of life.
    4. Evilutionist who formulate theories based on folding rather than unfolding truths.
    5. Doodoo Digesters who fabricate views and values from their gut reactins rather than good research.
    6. Terrorism: The boogie-man  of last resort for habitual politicians and compassionate conservatives.
  4. Safety in travelling to the Cradle of Democracy: A Harbinger of Global Dying
    1. The destroyed private and public property has a projected cost in the billions which will not be available for social and security projects.
    2. Already plagued by terrorist cells, the number of angry unemployed Greeks will increase.
    3. Terrorism and crime will increase in Greece making it less safe to travel there.
    4. Greece had too many people for its biomass prior to the foodchain-destroying fires. Now it has even more too many people. The number one hidden weapon of mass destruction is the human genitalia, people who are CO2 sinners.
    5. Long before global warming would kill life on earth, global drought and deluge will kill civilization with many dying from the crimes of too many people on too small a planet.
    6. Without better democracy and better capitalism, Greeks will not solve their problems which will spin out of control. While Katrina was the first city climate disaster Greece is the first national climate disasters. In both cases, outside help was more available than will so be in the future.
  5. Globalization of Inflation due to Dysfunctional Currencies
    1. Inflation results from either too much money or too few products, monflation and sinflation. As the American politicians exacerbated natural disaster of Katrina so have the Greek politicians made the fires worse.
    2. Inflation will appear in Greece because there are fewer products due the fire and because the politicians are increasing the money supply independent of production. Because of the world's dysfunctional currency system, the Greek inflation will increase global inflationary pressure.
    3. With the increasing quantity and quality of natural and man-made disasters and with politicians throwing money at the problems, inflationary pressures will push more and more middle class people into the lower class. From the newly arrived intelligent and motivated lower class members will come the insurgents of social, economic and political chaos.
    4. The inflationary millions that the Greek politicians are throwing at their forest fires are nothing compared to the inflationary billions that central banks have been throwing at financial fires. With globalization of dysfunctional currencies and habitual politicians, the hyper-inflation and extremism of Weimar Germany will be everywhere. Global dying will be fueled by the bundles of money thrown by the politicians and necronomists at problems. What we need is to organize and motivate humanity to save life on earth with the substance of time not the symbols of time.
    5. Independent of the one-way direction of global dying, the lack of optimal democracy and optimal capitalism would cause global upheavel. Concomitant with global dying, global upheavel will destroy any chance of saving life on earth.
    6. What is needed is better democracy, better capitalism, better values and some disgust. With a currency named after time (lifehours) kept constant and current in its problem-solving time value, individual and international theft with funny numbers on funny papers will cease to destroy economies.

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