Record warm day, 49, in Twin Cities; 50s elsewhere in Minnesota

Ben Cohen

Star Tribune

Published Jan 9 2002

The high temperature mark set on this day in 1939 of 45 degrees is history.

Normally, January low temperatures hover around zero. Overnight the metro area was 30 to 40 degrees above normal, and the relatively mild weather should continue over the next several days.

As of shorty after 3 p.m., it was 49 in the Twin Cities. Elsewhere in the state earlier in the afternoon, it was 52 in Fairmont and Jackson, 50 in Worthington, and 48 in Red Wing and Winona.

During the afternoon, the temperatures should remain steady or even fall. A west wind of 10 to 20 mph should become northwesterly.

"It's not going to be a major front, but enough to bring in some cooler Canadian air for tonight," Scott explained.

And then late tonight, flurries are possible and the low temperatures should fall to the upper 20s.

Flurries are forecast for Thursday and the low and high temperatures should fall some, but they are expected to remain above normal for the next several days.

Statewide weather

The rest of the state is enjoying the warm wave.

Record warmth is expected in the south with temperatures possibly in the 50s. In the north, it should be partly to mostly cloudy and there is a chance of snow with temperatures today in the mid-30s.

Tonight, cloudy skies with a chance of snow in the north. Flurries are expected in the south. Lows in the 20s should cover most of the state but 30 degree temperatures should dominate near the southern border.

Then on Thursday, it will be cloudy and colder statewide with high temperatures in the mid-20s north and upper 30s south.