School Violence: Guns Today, Gases Tomorrow

The timist mourns the Littleton, Colorado, school massacre for many reasons. The biggest mourning is that habitual politicains and mediacs will treat the symptoms instead of the causes. For those who argue for gun-control, of which the timist is a supporter, consider Timothy McVeigh. In America, today, there are teenagers who are planning to outdo the Trenchcoat Mafia. It is only a matter of time before someone ignites another Miracle Grow bomb. The Trenchcoat Mafia could have with less time constructed two poison gas bombs for release in the libary and cafetaria, killing hundreds instead of teens.

Immediately after the Littleton massacre, did you notice the numerous media accounts of teenagers found in various stages of preparation for violence at school? Do you think all the next teenage terrorists were found by the police? Do you think the broad, extended media trampling of Littleton increased or decreased the intention of disaffected youth to make a statement? Do you think stategies are being shifted by these suburban terrorists to benefit from the Littleton? The cure is not a ban on guns or chemistry classes.

Is the solution banning the street guns, the horror movies, the gothic clothes and the chemistry classes? If I or anyone wants to kill you, I will go through the alphabet of destruction. You remove A, I will try B. You remove B, I will try C. If you want to stop the killing, don't waste your time on removing the tools.  Are you going to empty all the medicine cabinets and interstate highways?

Guns, let's keep them as a pressure release device so that disaffected, non-working youth can release their anger by killing a few rather than resorting to weapons of mass massacres. Guns are the marijauna of dissaffected, valueless young people. As you would rather a child smoke pot rather than shoot horse, I'm sure you'd rather a disaffected kid attack your house or school with a gun rather than an aerosol cloud of poison. Remove the guns, increase the poisons.

Don't listen to the people who say we need to spend more taxdollars entertaining kids.  Ask the kids if they are entertained? The Littleton duet came from wealthy families that had a private welfare program for their priviledged kids that society could not match dollar for dollar. You cannot buy respect for human life with either public or private welfare progams. The larger the allowance that parents provide their children, the bigger the workshop of the devil for these minds.

The solution is simple. If we want childhoods not to become the breeding grounds of child hoods, we must change our employement laws. The greatest gift that you can give another is the work ethic, for then you have given them problem-solving skills, freedom, independence and happiness. (For more information, see the work ethic).

A few questions: If their parents had not bankrolled the Trenchcoat Mafia with generous allowances, would the teenagers have the time and means to formulate and execute the massacre? If the Trenchcoat Mafia had been working from an early age, would they have learned the following:

  1. human life is valuable, especially those who have had to work harder to get to where they are,
  2. happiness is in solving a real problem, a happiness which no one can take away,
  3. happiness at work carries over into happiness at school and home,
  4. high school "innies" usually become the has beens in a few years,
  5. high school "outies" become the "winnies" if they channel their energy into solving real problems,
  6. adult mentors at work will show you how to laugh at the jocks rather than feel the urge to kill them.

I wish I could understand why parents would choose one of the following over the other:

A. If you require a kid to work:

  1. Safer than schools, streets or bedrooms
  2. Teaches the work ethic: work, save, obey and get along
  3. You know where the child is
  4. The child has mentoring
  5. Parents cash outlay is less, earlier retirement
  6. Creates the next generation of workers to support the retirement of the previous.
  7. Teaches the values of respect and understanding

B. If you give a kid an allowance:

  1. Promotes self-centerness, the world owes me a living
  2. Fosters kids that won't take care of themselves, let alone their own or others' parents
  3. Increases unsupervisedtime for sex, drugs, booze, TV, videos, movies, violence and terrorism.

The parent's defensive claims of kids having duties is like government make-work programs in which the participants laugh at the uselessness of the make-work. The kids, like the public jobs recipient, don't learn the work ethic. They learn the avoidance or play ethic.

I can figure three reasons for parents not wanting their kids to work: laziness, ill-pride and ego. Lazily, it is easier for parents to give an allowance than make the time to drive a child to a job. Parents can't find the time to job-train a child, but they find time to bury them. With false pride, parents don't want their children to work like they did, and then they wonder why their kids don't work out. Egoistically, they don't want others to think that their kids have to work. and that is what the kids learn.  Like spare the rod, spoil your retirement, one can spare the work and soil our schools with blood and Gore. As with many human problems, the solution is 24 in 4: Kids working and parents having more time would be better for all. If you disagree, how about the opposite, kids never working with parents working till they die. Sounds increasingly familiar.

America would have fewer adults at AA (Alcohohlic Anonymous) meetings if their parents had supported AA (Allowances Anonymous). If God struck down all the first born of parents who had misused allowances to alienate, bribe or silence their offspring, there would be less violence in school. As is, the allowance allottees who don't value human life are doing God's job by striking down each other.

Remember, if we don't teach the work ethic first and foremost, all other learning is wasted. If you teach self-esteem, you affirm a person for a day. If you teach the work ethic, you affirm a person for a lifetime ... like giving a fish versus teaching fishing.  Because we don't encourage or allow kids to work, we force their parents and grandparents to work harder and longer, increasingly with the bitter memory of lost youngsters.White parents are learning what black parents learned some time ago: If you don't have it for your high schooler, it is a good ideal to buy some funeral insurance.

Am I the only one who notices that the most admired youth are the ones who work rather than develop an intimate relationship with TV and videos? In the loop of responsibility for the lost youth, parents are a big part of that circle. The best thing a parent can do the child, family, school and society is to tell the child to get a job if they want money. (You can bet Nike and all the other retailers who nuke kids minds with wannabe brainwashing won't like kids losing their free faucet of funds.)



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