Media Guidelines of Forum Cycles

While initial forums only have two frames for a whole newspaper, radio or television organization, the organization have as many forums as it feels will benefit its audience. Each newscast, columnists, department or host can have their own feedback forum with whatever focus and rewards.

  1. Advertising Clarification: A weekly cycle for listing ads that are misleading or bogus. Too often, the media does not know or will not censor that hand that feeds them. The public has a right to prioritze and share their knowledge of bogus ads. How could or should the media outlet publish the democratized clarifications of the buying public that fund the media?
    • Radio and TV Station: Schedule a call to the winners during the peak listening period with the winners reading their 50 word summary that can include a webpage for more information.
    • Newspapers and magazines As newspapers have a retraction box as well as advertising notices, ragss can have an advertising box in which they list the weekly winners' 50 word summary on bogus or biased advertising.
  2. Daily Feedback: Information for the chief decision maker via the webmaster. Can be personalized at one's own website.
  3. Letters to Editor: Daily cycles beginning at sunrise with 3 hour subcycles. Length is limited to 400 characters in which you should link to more information if warranted. The seven winners will be posted on the newspaper website in whole.The newspaper will printed the letters in sequence, giving the m the same space as it gives it regular editorial writers. When it runs out of space, even in the middle of a letter, a final line will direct readers to the webpage where all the letters are published in their entirety. A newspaper may on the inkpage but not the webpage blank out objectional words, e.g., profanity, which puerile can peruse on the webpage. Newspapers should allocate at least a one/third of a page to letters derived from on-line democracy. 
  4. OpEd Pieces: Weekly cycle beginning on Sunday with the results published beginning the following Sunday in sequence of vote percentage. Writers should receive a fee about half the average fee for syndicates or columnists of OpEd pieces.
  5. Weekly Projects: Weekly comments or projects, e.g., investigations. Can be personalized at one's own website. Magazines should box the commentary summaries of the winners.
  6. Elect Editor

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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