Soundbytes and Slogans
for Better Democracy and Capitalism

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  1. If we don't teach the work ethic first and foremost then all other teaching is wasted(poster)
  2. FOR SALE: Congress. Only Qualified Buyers Need Apply. Call Democrats or Republicans @
  3. Women 50/50: When legislative bodies are half women then their bodies will be respected more wholly. (poster)
  4. If technology saves 10% of the time to produce goods and services, should we cut the workweek by 10% or fire 10% of the workers? (Poster)
  5. If we don't share the work through the timeclock then we will share it through higher rates of taxes, crime, insurance and inflation.(Poster)
  6. By better employing our human resources we can have a 24 hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner world. (poster)
  7. Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is not help.(poster)
  8. How do you feed millions of starving people? You first irresponsibly feed thousands of starving people. (Poster)
  9. If we don't do what is right we will suffer what is wrong.(poster)
  10. When the politicians make good policy, the polity in the polis is polite without the need of police, politics, polls or pols. (Poster)
  11. Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed. When one misuses the symbols of capital (stocks, bonds and money) to decapitalize production and decapitate employment, one is a decapitalist engaging in economic bloodshed.(poster)
  12. If we can use computers to work and shop from home, why not use them to govern from home? (poster)
  13. Better Democracy and Capitalism are the tools for a safer, saner world. (Poster)
  14. Without a Bill of Responsibility, the Bill of Rights murders the hard-working, tax-paying responsible citizen who tries to do right. (poster ttd) (See
  15. Democratic Capitalism is the McDonalds of Democracy: fast and efficient with Billions served.
  16. With better democracy and capitalism via the internet, the price of democracy is not eternal vigilance but an average of 10 minutes per day.
  17. What's worse than not voting? Voting for a habitual politician. .For new solutions to old problems vote new faces.
  18. We don't need leaders if we have the tools to lead ourselves: Better Democracy and Capitalism through colfilperhone and lifehours.
  19. Does putting a drunk in another car make the roads safer and better? Does putting habitual politicians in charge of another tax system make the system safer and better?
  20. If one's financial transactions increases production, productivity and employment, then one is a capitalist. If one's greed causes corporate dismemberment, reductivity, and employment decapitation, one is a decapitalist.
  21. In order of robbery, one can steal more by buying a gun, a computer, a lawyer, an economist, and, last but not least, a politician.
  22. When you hear a politician say he is protecting someone's job, be sure to say to yourself that you will be working to keep someone working in a make-work, non-productive, politically protected job through taxes or inflated prices.
  23. The most lucrative job in America is buying a habitual politicians, a 1000, 2500 or 5000 return on your bribe.
  24. If you like high taxes, vote the incumbent or don't vote at all. To stop the theft of taxes and time, vote independent.
  25. If you don't tax yourself once to solve a problem, the problem will tax you forever.
  26. All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill broke taxpayers with no pension nor retirement.
  27. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country and you can do for each other.


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