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A Needed Presidential Speech

Greetings, Fellow Americans:

People who say they are going to solve your problems without your help are lying to you. The best President will be the one who uses modern technology to tap and reward the intelligence of concerned citizens. These Americans live with and suffer from our problems. As your President, I will use on-line democracy and on-line capitalism to organize you to lead in defining and solving our problems.

America needs several reforms to bring about a safer, saner world for ourselves and our descendents.

  1. Election and Appointments Reform:
    • Elections: Using on-line democracy, we can have zero-cost, on-line primaries and elections.We need to use the internet like the annual national spelling bee (analogies) to spell out problem-solving individuals.
    • Presidential Appointees: If elected President, I will use on-line democracy for you to nominate yourself or another for all Presidential Appointees including the White House, Cabinet, Ambassadorships and Supreme Court. I will choose from the seven finalists of your selection.
  2. Term Limits: We need to end the reign of the habitual politicians who pass laws to help their re-election and supporters. They don't pass laws to help the average, hard-working American on Main Street. Habitual politicians are responsible for habitual problems.When politicians live under the same laws, they will pass better laws. Term limits is the only way to get them to live under country-wide not Congress-only laws. You can vote on-line for term limits: Constitutional Amendment.
  3. Legislative Reform: We need to use on-line democracy to enhance the Constitution and nullify a weakness in Congress: Congress both proposes and makes the laws. With Citizen Legislation from on-line democracy, you can send me seven law proposals a month which I will introduce to Congress. If you want to repeal a fat cat law that forces you to pay the fat cat's taxes, citizen legislation is the way. If you want to end the corporate welfare that the habitual politicians enacted to help their re-elections, citizen legislation is the way.
  4. Presidential Commissions: Presidential commissions come and go on a regular basis, often finding the same conclusions by "know it alls" who don't live with the problems. In less time and with better results, we can have on-line Presidential Commissions to focus on an issue. We should tap the intelligence of the problem-sufferers rather than the problem-voyeurs. Furthermore, tax credits (lifehours) will be paid based on the weighted value of the submitted information--a meritocracy from democracy. On-line Presidential Commissions are a more educational grassroots determination of our problems and their solutions.
  5. Fraud Finders: If we can use on-line democracy to find the best individual and issue to save us time and money, why not use the same spelling bee process to find fraud and corruption.As President, I will have a monthly fraud finders competition for federal functions. I will encourage state and local governments to conduct the same.
  6. Tax reform and simplification: Habitual politicians will never implement tax reform and simplification which is why we have habitual problems, especially a chaotic garbage dump tax code. Why? Because tax privileges that let the rich get richer are how habitual politicians get their big campaign money. We can have a simple tax in which everyone pays their fair share.
  7. Federal Reserve Bank Reform: The Federal Reserve is a major reason why the gap between the haves and have nots keeps growing in America.
    • When the Fed creates money, it does not give it to the average American who builds America. The Fed give the money to the monied people.
    • When the Fed fears inflation, it gives more money to the monied people while causing the average American to suffer or fear unemployment, a loss of moeny and sanity. The higher cost of living from unemployment is not borne by the monied people but by the average working American.
    • The Federal Reserve expands the money supply through banks (the discount window) which has allowed banks to gobble up each other to the detriment of Main Street America. Why not distrbute this money expansion through the volunteer service of Americans to help their community with the money going into health care accounts? Also, what would happen if each time the Fed had an attack of "inflationary anxiety" it reduced the workweek length rather than raise interest rates? We would see the time-savings of technology converted into a shorter workweek with more disposable time and money for self, family and community. As is, the rich get richer off of higher interest rates without doing any more work. Also see health care and community service.
  8. Time-Savings of Technology: Present economic policies convert the time-savings of technology into more money for the politically privileged at the expense of the average person who has to work a longer work week. By changing the Federal Reserve's management of the money supply in conjuntion with tax reform/simplification, we can have a shorter and shorter workweek with more time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner world--see RU424N4.
  9. Racism: On-line democracy can be used to open up meaningful lines of communication between the races to reduce the gulf of falsehoods, lies and prejudices. All Americans basically want to do right, for we know that is the key to a better, happier world. The problem, especially in the area of race relations and understanding, our sense of right has not  been matter-of-factly put to the test within a non-threatening environment. As President, I will use on-line democracy to reduce racism.
  10. Capitalism versus Decapitalism: Instead of saying capitalism is bad, say that there are people who call themselves capitalists but are actually the opposite, decapitalists. Consider the following analogy: If I give you a gun, does it make your a murderer or protector? Depends ... depends on what you do with it. Likewise, if I give you stocks, bonds, currency and land, does it make you a capitalist? Most people would say yes! But what if you use these tools of production to close down plants and cause unemployment? Have you not decapitalized production? Have you not decapitated employment? Shouldn't you be called a decapitalist?
  11. Women 50/50: When the legislative bodies are half women then the world's and women's bodies will be treated more wholly. We need to have not only term limits but a flipflop of the sexes in a legislative position so that legislative bodies have half women bodies, women 50/50.
  12. International Relief: I propose the organization of a Construction National Guard from America's trade workers to respond in a moment's notice to domestic or foreign catastrophes. In earthquakes, too many people die from the lack of skilled hands and heavy equipment. America has the means to transport 20,000 construction workers with their equipment and supplies anywhere in the world in 24 hours. As president, I will establish IEMA, International Emergency Response Agency, to coordinate civil airlines, military lifts and construction workers to show American pride and concern for humanity. Instead of 5 or 10% of the victims surviving, we will strive for 100% by removal of all the debris within 5 days. America can do it. The cost of the service will be computed in lifehours. The beneficiaries of our help will repay America in coming here for three, four or six months to help America solve its problems. If your father, mother, sister, brother, daughter or son were under tons of concrete, wouldn't you want someone with the means to save them to help them? All the people under concrete are the loved ones of someone. Would you be willing to work off the cost of saving your loved ones lives? Using on-line democracy and capitalism, Ameican can not only organize concerned citizens who live with and suffer from problems, but we can use the same process to help others solve their crises and chronic problems.
  13. America's #1 Export: America should export first and foremost democracy and capitalism. If elected President, I will lead America in exporting democracy and capitalism.

While I think I am the smartest candidate, I don't have to be the smartest candidate if I am the most democratic. I will be best president who does the smartest things. Why? Because I will democratically tap the intelligence of the concerned citizens who live with and suffer from the problems. Habitual politicians and lobbyists--the Washington insiders--don't have a hint of understanding. I will be the best president because I will be the most  democratic and capitalistic. I won't tolerate Washington's despotism and decapitalism, that is, political privileges for a few and capitalism for a fewer few.

With more than your prayers, with your sweat, knowledge and faith, we can work together to make our great nation greater.


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