Racism and flatulence have a lot in common.  Does anyone here not know what flatuence is?  It is the medical term for passing gas.  Most simply, racism and flatulence ... both stink.  

The similarities between the two can shed new light  on improving race relationships.  My goal is to persuade you to be less of a racist in generating or reacting to racial flatulence.  

Who Is A Racist?

Who is a racist? I'm not going to ask that question ... because ... we ... all ... are.  It's like asking ... who has flatulence? We all suffer gas at different times.

We differ in

1) the amount and
2) reaction when nature makes us windy.

These two aspects of flatuence ...can bring to racism ... a fresh breadth of air.

A better question than  "Who is a racist?" is "On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your racist level or flatulence standing?"

I don't think any problem can be solved ... if it is sugar-coated.  To deny racism is to deny something that is as natural as flatulence.  What do you you think of a person who says,  "My gas doesn't stink?  Likewise, people lie to themselves or others if they say,  I'm not a racist."  It happens.  Let's not try to hide it.  Let's acknowledge it.  So as to minimalize its impact on human well-being.  

I.  Some people make no effort to conceal their bodily  noise.  Likewise some racists, make no effort at higing their racism.

II.  Some people seek professional help or medication for reduc ing their gassing of others.

Some racist seek help through church or community.  Oppositely,  noisy, raunchy boys compete to be the loudest in little corners, while parallel, noxious, racist men compete to be loudest in little klavens.

The worst racist is not the person who makes a little stink ...and denies it.  The worst racist is the person who uses flattery to induce greater flatulence in others.  I'll return to this ... in my concluding comment.  Racism is Natural.  

Racism is a natural part of human existence as people compete to survive.  Similarly, flatuence is a natural result of people eating to survive.  The naturalness of both does not mean one has a license to be an overt racist or a license to openly gas others.  Racism, and its most profound example, black slavery in America, are by-products of economic digestion.  Please recall that slavery has been a human institution throughout history.  Few early cultures did not have slaves.

Why have slaves?

Cheap labor.  Many blacks transported to America were merely trading masters, from a Black African chief to a white plantation master.  In Ancient Rome and Greece, people sold themselves into slavery for economic reasons.

The key is economics.  American racism, past and present, has its roots in the economic drive to surviv.  As an aside, I believe that there would be less racism if all people thought they had job compensation and opportunity reflecting their performance.  I have proposed elsewhere a plan for optimally sharing the available amount of dwindling work, the 24-in-4 goals of democratic capitalism.  My goal here is not to talk about specific economic.  My goal is to complement the economic reforms with some needed racist Gas-Ex.

Current Status of Race  

For a good while, many of my black friends ahve told me that race relations have not been improving.  I realized that I have been blinded by my own decreasing racism, equating my human growth with a less racist society.  Like an ill-man, suddenly confronted with a fatal diagnosis, America has had its racial condition laid bare with the Orenthal Simpson murder trail.  I was surpised by the decision and the demographics.  Clearly, the efforts to reduce the racial divide has not united us.  Civil rights, affirmative action and school busing are being re-examined.  As a person wishing for a better world each day of my life.  I hope we can come up with a solution to this divide.  Otherwise, we will have a social and economic earthquake destructive of both races.

I don't want America to become a Beriut or Bosnia, where an eye-for-an-eye leads to us all blindly wonder what we originally saw for which to kill each other.

If we don't Live and work together we will die together

Would you want your sister to marry a wife-beater like Orenthal Simpson or a racist like Mark Fuhrman?  Not me.  To paraphrase Martin Luther King's words,  "the content of their character is not good regardless of the color of their skins."

When I first saw a mixed race couple,  I was shocked and had a high racist reaction.  Now I see the mixing of the races as the ultimate solution to racism.  I applaud and admire such people.  To expand on an old saying,  "If we don't work, live and marry together then we will probably die together."


In my introduction, I said,  "The worst racist is the person who uses flattery to induce greater flatulence in others.  In case you are not aware, flatuence and flattery are semantic siblings.

If you want to harm someone permanently, the best way is to change their personality by having them adopt self-defeating habits or attitudes.

For instance, if you wanted a person to be shunned by others, you might flatter them by saying,  "You always smile and smell your best the day after you've dined on cabbage, bread and beer."

The worst racist does the following to his victims.  "Computers are for dummies. You're too smart to be enslaved to a keyboards.  "You always dress the best. I'm going to miss your outfits when I retire early on my investments."  "I admire your knowledge of music.  Turn it up louder when I leave."  I know whites who's attitude is to flatter blacks with misleading values.

In essence, motivate your competitors to pursue the symbols of success without first achieving the substance of success. By so doing, your opponents will never have success.  The greatest form of institutionalized racism is not discrimination.  It is fostering self-enslavement to false values.

Think back at those comments.  Aren't they a slick form of racism.  You flatter the thankful victim by psychologically manipulating him to be self-destructive.  I am a person that believes that America cannot be saved if African-Americans do not receive their share and carry their share.

If mankinds' greatest achievement--America--cannot be saved, then humanity will not survive.

If you feel you are a victim of racism, the solution today is the same as it always has been: outwork, outsave, outobey and outquiet the racist.  Racism, as noted on the work ethic principles that I passed out-- is a curse on all problem-solvers.

In summary, please recognize that your racism, like flatulence, needs to be managed and minimalized ... if you want the quality of your life to improve.  In other words, keep your stink to yourself.

If you are a victim of racism, recognize the Achilles heel in seeking symbols rather than substance of success.  In other words, confusing the two can create an opening by which the worst racists can gladly give you rope to quietly lynch yourself.

False Hopes for Heaven

Too often in history a downtrodden people have gained their political freedom and assumed that economic heaven would descend from the clouds.  South Africa right now confronts high economic expectations in the aftermath of apartheid.  This may be a racist comment and it may not be, but, "I think a lot African-Americans think white Americans have it easy. " I don't.  I hate my job but I do it because it pays me better than doing what I would like to do.  Like the poster says, "Work is solving problems ..."

I like what Colin Powell said: "Success is a result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure."

I've learned two things that echo Colin Powell's comments.  He is quoted as saying when a victim of discrimination, "Get mad and get over it."  My advice is "Work, save, obey and shut-up."  I'm trying to learn it. Another personal saying is that "Happiness is a work ethic thing which unhappy people don't understand."

As many people from many races have proven here in democratic America, the best way to beat a racist is to outwork them.  The green of money buys a lot of multi-cultural respect.

How do you feel when someone says, "What did you do in your pants, you really stink!" Depends.  If you passed some gas, you take offense at the person making it public notice.  If you didn't break wind, you be angry at the person for a false accusation.

This reasoning applies with calling someone a racist.  If the person is a racist, you will probably fan his racist attitude. If the action was not racist, you can be creating a racist.  I hate it when I give a non-white employee a reprimand for poor performance and get accused of being a racist.  I have several thoughts.  "Me does think thou protest thy innocence to strongly," and "The smell is greatest closest to the source."  The economic end result is that I become scared of hiring non-whites for fear of losing time and money to perceived acts of racism by me.


Racism and flatulence have a lot in common. Similarities between the two can shed new light.

Who Is A Racist?:  Some people seek professional help or medication.  Oppositely,   The worst racist is not the person.  Racism is Natural. Racism is a natural part of human existence.

Current Status of Race: For a good while, many of my black friends.  I don't want America  to become a Beriut or Bosnia, where,  If we don't Live and work together we will die together.

Conclusion. False Hopes for Heaven Current Confusion.  I am confused about black Americans.  I think these are great words from great human being.  I feel like the emperor who has been told see notes in book

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