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Virginia/Metro-Car Tax

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To save the car tax cut, Gov. Jim Gilmore has to... / cut the budget

Virginia localities assess impact of Gilmore's proposed budget Not enough money to give teachers raises. Construction projects put on hold. More unfunded mandates from the state. Cuts in funding for local arts and cultural programs. No cash to hire new police officers.

Goal: To assess what's essential

Additional state troopers, tests for safe dairy products, guards in prison towers, extending Medicaid to more elderly and disabled: Programs once deemed by Gov. Jim Gilmore's administration as admirable, essential or simply doable have become less so in the face of his proposed cuts to state agencies.

Kaine fears that muscle, not fat, will be trimmed

Officials in the Richmond area can see the knife, but they're not sure precisely where it will fall or how deep it will cut. Gov. Jim Gilmore's proposed amendments to the state budget threaten funding for education, juvenile justice, social services, health programs, police departments, road maintenance and some salaries, officials say.

Making the cuts

Among reductions, Gilmore's budget includes $125 million in targeted cuts for state agencies. The proposals include cutting:

$5.1 million for providing Medicaid coverage for substance abuse treatment for poor children and adults.

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