Republicans make day for Dirty Jim



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You can picture Jim Gilmore, focusing in on Republicans who dared cross him.

"Go ahead," the GOP governor says, with a steady gaze.

"Make my day!"

The line belongs to Clint Eastwood, of course - a.k.a. Inspector "Dirty Harry" Callahan.

In 1983's "Sudden Impact," Callahan confronts a would-be stickup kid at a local coffee shop. The kid calls him "turkey" as he points a gun at a hostage.

"Go ahead," Dirty Harry growls, wielding his own gun.

"Make my day!"

The film was so well-publicized, the public already knew the catch phrase by the time it opened.

President Reagan even used it to challenge a feisty Congress.

But no one had pulled the trigger before.

Gilmore's real catch phrase, of course, is "No car tax."

"No car tax" is as inspired as "Make my day." The latter won Eastwood a huge box office. The former won Gilmore an election.