RichPubes Tombs-Disgrace

Richmond, Virginia, became a one-newspaper town as the the morning paper bought, merged and closed down the afternoon paper, News Leader. The dominant, conservative paper is bannered as the

Richmond Times-Dispatch

A local joke is that, because of its conservative stretching of the truth, it should be called the

Richmond Times-Disgrace.

This is too kind based on its history of championing massive resistance and corrupt Republican politicians: Jim Gilmore. At the minimum, it should be called,

Republican Times-Disgrace.

However, the Latin origin of Republican is "rich pubes"--res pubes, thus, the proper, honest name for this bloody Republican rag would be

RichPubes Times-Disgrace

But the final nom de plume should reflect how it received the oil drought information almost two decades ago. The non-investigation and non-reporting coupled with blind Bushitter editorials for energy exploration earns it a more somber summary judgment:

RichPubes Times-Duplicity

The eleventh commandment, "Thou shall not speak evil of a fellow RichPube," is found in the duplicitous reporting of Richmond's paper. While it found a lot of ink on the sexual peccadillos of the Democratic Governors, Chuck Robb and Doug Wilder, no ink was spilled on the RichPube Governors--Gilmore's affairs.

RichPubes Tombs-Duplicity.

Other instances of this fourth-generation family-owned paper not doing its public service are the information provided it on the shoddy construction of the

  1. Lee Bridge : Like the TV news reporter, Lisa Schaffner, no publication of the provided information was provided.
  2. Attorney-General Corruption : I confronted a business editor, Louise Seales, in front of the 333 Grace Building saying that I had evidence of this corruption. She said, get the evidence to her and she would act. A cub college intern was assigned the case according to the political writer, Tyler Whitley, when I asked him where the investigation was at. Look at the evidence and documentation--click on the above link. Look like theft to you?
  3. Virginia Voter Registration Fraud --could not get the newspaper to look into the fraud.
  4. Civil War Insensitivity: Lee Mural and Canal Walk 1999:  The choice of Lee for the largest picture I ever saw on the front of the RTD  (half page) shows why it was the leading newspaper in support of massive resistance during the early Civil Rights era.

I would not be surprised to find that the documentation on Republican corruption which I provided the RichPubes Tombs-Duplicity was passed onto the originators of the political fraud. In all communications, I try to include a unique variable that would indicate the second source if a third source was found to be acting on what should be confidential information to the second source. One of the reason I left Virginia was the lack of professional ethics at the RichPubes Tombs-Duplicity. Would you feel safe living in a town where the jouranlists are in bed with the dirty politicians?

While there might be better examples of why the news and editorial departments of the media should be declared public utility, the author personally knows of no more bitter example than the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Come to think of it, the banner name of this commercially dominated paper is apppropriate, for its content dispatches time into a wasteland.

FOI article with Louise Seals

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