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Writings for Better Democracy and Capitalism

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Lifehour indicate approximate lifehour credits for reading.
Books can be ordered at ten cents a page plus $2 S&H.

NUSA (National Universal Service Act) is summarized in first four books on reforms.

Step 1: Principles of
49 pages, 4.9 lifehours

Step 2: Election
40  pages, 4.0 lifehours

Step 3: Taxation
97 pages, 9.7 lifehours

Step 4: Employment
& Education Reform
64 pages, 6.4 lifehours

24 in 4
80 pages, 8.0 lifehours

Ecos Nomos
63 pages, 6.3lifeshours

Currency: Symbols
or Substance
170 pages, 17.0 lifehours

43 pages, 4.3 lifehours

Managing Without
80 pages, 8.0

Economic Bloodshed
60 pages, 6 credits

The Killing Laws
147 pages, 14.7 credits

Credits are for reading the writings in lifehour tax credits. Credits are approximate.

Other writings which either have not been webized or have been destroyed are

  • Nobilis: No One Beats Inflation Letting Inflation Soar
  • Nobody's Slave
  • Persona Mega Sutra: Rate of Integration
  • Timism: No Schism with Spinbarism


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