Re: Tonjia D. Baker, 401 Bland Street, Richmond, VA 23225

Is she receiving SSSI?


A few years ago I noticed a neighbor wearing a leg brace with her sister driving her away. She wore the brace for a few days. Six months later, the scenes were repeated. Changes in the neighbor's routine became quite evident. I believe the daughter is collecting SSSI.

I want to note that I am not a 24/7 "voyeur" of my neighbors: They announce their coming and goings with loud radios, often leaving the car parked unattended with the windows down and the radio blaring. We were once friends until I was called a thief and another neighbor was called a "white bitch." I won't be friends with racists, white or black.

Since then I have seen the daughter working different jobs based on different uniforms. Also, I have heard the mother yell, "Are you going to work?" In recent months, I have noticed that she consistently leaves and returns almost everyday at a certain times. In addition, she is wearing what must be a prison guard uniform as well as neck hanging ID card.  She is working full-time for the Virginia Department of Corrections 8030 Whitebark Terrace, Richmond, VA. She may be working under an assumed name as there are a.k.a. in on-line searches of her name.

Why I think Tonjia has SSSI:

  1. Handicap affectation, original and later intervals
  2. Eating habits: Went from home cooking to food deliveries.

Tonjia D. Baker is not handicapped. If she is receiving SSSI she should be stopped. If she is receiving SSSI and working full-time, she should be arrested.

  1. 170802 Back seat emptying in Corrections Uniform
  2. 170731 Exiting Car, Arms Full, Corrections Uniform
  3. 170730 Dancing in Car
  4. 170730 Emptying car tire from trunk
  5. 170630 Washing Car Tires
  6. 170630 Raising car hood (New Car)
  7. 170524 Double Bagging Corrections Uniform
  8. 170523 Umbrella Bend Over Corrections Uniform
  9. 170502 Tanya Exiting Front Seat Corretions Uniform
    review, annotate
  10. 160217 Dancing in Car
  11. 151215 Trunk Exploration
  12. 151215 Moving 90-gallon super cans
  13. 140809 Emptying Trunk
  14. 140809 Removing car seat
  15. 140726 Removing watermelon from trunk
  16. 140721 Exiting car smoking
  17. 140718 Exiting car
  18. 140713 Carrying Luggage
  19. 140606 Car Drink
  20. 140503 No Cane, Food Delivery
  21. 140501 Cane Use, cosmetic, perfunctory
  22. 140429 Cane, backwards
  23. 140404 Putting Luggage in Trunk
  24. 140403 Emptying Trunk
  25. 140331 Dancing in car
  26. 140329 Big one hand load
  27. 140320 Exiting Car
  28. 140315 One legged emptying trunk
  29. 140216 c Betty Brown
  30. 140216 b Betty Brown, car open
  31. 140216 a No cane
  32. 140212 Betty Ann Brown
  33. 140207 Loud, Long Noise
  34. 140206 Big Bags
  35. 140203 Carrying Packages
  36. 140201 Loud radio, window down
  37. 140128 Lifting grocery bags
  38. 140120 Dancing, lifting bags
  39. 141017 Walking
  40. 131228 Thank you, Lord Jesus ... Phony cane
  41. 131225 Police, Christmas, Phony Cane
  42. 131224 Emptying Car
  43. 131207 Carrying Bags
  44. 131204 Running after Uncle Bud
  45. 131103 Porch Dancing
  46. 131102 Dancing
  47. 131102 Closing Gate
  48. 131102 Littering Street
  49. 131101 Lifting with right hand
  50. 131020 Dancing exiting car
  51. 131011 Flipping bird at me
  52. 131005 Carrying Big Article
  53. 130816 Fixing Car
  54. 130810 Kicking Door
  55. 130810 Unloading with right hand
  56. 130802 Picking up items
  57. 130725 Dancing
  58. 130615 Dancing in Car
  59. 130505 Unloading cars
  60. 130505 Carrying packages

Interestingly, the initial videos after the appearance of handicapped car hangers was Tanya's cane: Was she relying on it to walk or merely "propping" it, that is, carrying it rather than use it.

Again, I video taped these because of their noisy radios which I can hear a block away while in my house. Sometimes the windows in my house shake from the neighbor's loud car radio.

Please inform me if I am wrong about Baker receiving SSSI. But, if she is breaking the law stealing Social Security funds, please let me know. If violating the law, I hope she goes to prison for all the hell she caused me as documented in over 100 video recordings.

I believe this family has many friends and family in different agencies including Social Security, Richmond Police and Richmond Public Works/Utility which is why they are able to flaunt public laws.


Robert S. Barnett
3600 Anne Street
Richmond, VA 23225