Good Neighbor Listing

The following is a comparison of things done for neighbors
Mr. Barnett Mrs. Brown
  1. Tools: I readily tell neighbors that if they need a tool, first come and see if I have rather than buy one. My only request is that if they break it to let me know so I can replace it.
  2. Gardens:
    1. I have tilled as well as lent a tiller (I have seven) to neighbors.
    2. I always plant about three times as many seeds as I need with the rest being given away
    3. In 2013, I held a seeding bee at Patrick Henry Elementary School which cost over $200 in seeds alone.
    4. At Crossroad Coffee Shop,
  3. Safety
    1. I rise usually before 3am. If I hear a strange noice, I exit with my 2500 watt search light to view the location of the noise. Before I re-enter my home, I scan the treetops which the light will brigthten for more than a block.
    2. I cut dead limbs from trees.
    3. I have shoveled snow for older people over the years.
    4. I organized a petition signed by nine neighbors to address parking violations in the neighborhood which were causing inconveniences.
    5. I circulated a notice that if we had a severe storm that knocked out power that I had the tools by which we could remove trees so the power company would come sooner since there would be less work per homeowner.
    6. I cut down two leaning trees that would have fallen on a neighbor's house at a market value of $7000. Her insurance would have covered her damage so I could save a lot of time and money doing nothing.
    7. When a carpenter started to use our neighborhood as a park-and-ride with a friend, he was parking at different places which caused a parking "lottery" for the neighbors. I left him a pleasant note saying that I had a convenient spot that no one used which could be his. He pleasantly thanked me for the feedback and has parked in his spot on my property ever since.
  4. My wife and I have all new neighbors over for dinner explaining my offers of tools and gardens.
  5. When a house becomes vacant in neighborhood, if I see someone looking at it, I introduce myself. I tell them about the neighborhood, the diversity in race, religion and sexuality. I say if they are racist or bigots, please don't move in since we have a good, quiet neighborhood.

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