Stop Baseball Hell in Shockoe Bottom

Your support is requested to help prevent another tax-subsidized economic moneypit that will harm rather than help citizens living in Richmond, Virginia. The analysis of the controversy (from which this form is linked) draws upon decades of research and writings in physics, biology, mentality, economics, politics and morality as well as computer programming. Nowhere can you put in a few minutes and a few dollars to reap a general and specific reward by submitting this form as a supporter to stop both the baseball hell and climate change. The latter is the elephant in the room exacerbating all other problems except for its cancerous origin: Overpopulation.

Approximately $30,000 is needed to publish "Shockoe Bottom Baseball Hell" in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Please donate one-hour of wages which will save you many lost future hours to the cost of higher taxes, inflation and crime. Put a money into a savings account, you lose buying power. Put it here, you will have more buying power in as safer, saner world. In addition, there are other, financial benefits listed in the donation form.

Donation form will be uploaded on February 5 or 6. If you want to know when you can donate, email

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