Shockoe Bottom Baseball Hell
Corruption, Self-Slavers
and CrowJimism

Call for a Federal Special Grand Jury and Prosecutor

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Letter to Editor,  "Subsidizing Baseball Like Subsidizing Buggy Whips," Published January 18, 2014

This controversy echos major causes of local, national and global problems. For many reasons, the baseball scheme is not right for Richmond. And, if we do not do what is right then Richmond will suffer what is wrong:  Basics ... Play ... Education ... Power ... Onion Seed Racist ... Morality ... CrowJimism ... Mayor Jones

Basic Physical and Economic Considerations top

  1. Physical
    1. The location is a flood plain that has repeatedly flooded (pictures). Claims of flood wall protection igknows how the wall has been a dam on many occasions.
    2. Climate change is causing worsening deluges: We have not yet seen the worst flooding.
    3. Instead of building a baseball park, Pastor Jones should build a Noah's Ark.
    4. An $80 million tax-subsidized development zone anchored by a baseball park will provide minimum-wage jobs a few days each month during baseball season ... if it is not raining and flooding. Manufacturing jobs are 365/24/7, rain or shine.
    5. Tax subsidy: Per citizen $400. Per working taxpayer: $2000 plus. Per non-subsidized business: Priceless.
    6. The Bottom is already a crowded, stuck-in-traffic congested area. How many visitors are going to return to Shockoe Baseball if they have to fight traffic? Where's the parking? In DC?
  2. Economics
    1. Economically, a city has only so much disposable money for needed and unneeded goods and services.
      1. If a father buys alcohol before food, the family will have less food, that is, wants are prioritized over needs.
      2. If the city fathers tax-subsidize new alcohol and retail zones, existing businesses will lose customers.
      3. Zero-sum game: Citizens only have so much discretionary play money. If politicians privilege some then they de-privilege others.
      4. "Trickle down" claims of more taxes and jobs are false since it is really trickle across in a zero-sum world. Job creation? No. Actually, job relocation with less employment in existing business zones.
      5. For existing business-owners, a tax-subsidized competing development is a hidden tax as they lose customers to the politicians hyping, like Mayor Jones, a "bold, new Richmond."
      6. Any business owner not at the next City Council meeting to protest the Shockoe Baseball Hell deserves to lose income and face higher taxes--see Protest Ads.
    2. For decades, each new set of habitual politicians promises a "new" development that will revitalize Richmond..
      1. Southside Plaza (run down, subsidized by tax-based facilities)
      2. Azalea Mall (torn down)
      3. Eastgate (renamed and floundering as Fairfield Commons)
      4. Regency (owners defaulted on loan)
      5. Main Street Train Station Mall (closed down)
      6. 6th Street Marketplace--Richmond's bridge to nowhere (torn down)
      7. Cloverleaf (torn down, replaced with tax-subsidies)
      8. Re-vitalizing one area with tax-debt always euthanizes existing business zones.
      9. New, tax-subsidized malls are like building a new outhouse when no one visits the prior ones ... a shatty waste of taxes.
    3. Tax-free, Interest-paying Bonds--the dirty little secret
      1. About 1200 A.D., rich men controlled Venice's government. Instead of paying taxes, they voted to lend their untaxed income to Venice in the form of tax-free, interest-paying bonds. Nifty. Since then via public usury, the rich have gotten richer without an ounce of sweat.
      2. A major driving force behind DOA tax-subsidized projects like Shockoe Baseball Hell are bond-holders who want to roll over their maturing bonds into new tax-free, interest-paying bonds.
      3. Ask yourself: Since taxpayers instead than cashflow guarantees bond payments, do bondholders care about commercial success? Yes, they want failure. Do you think bondholders want an end to public debt?
      4. Ask yourself, who makes up the boards of these bond-subsidize quasi-government agency: Hourly wager-earners or bond wage-takers?
      5. Like drug dealers not wanting drug legalizaion, bondholders do not want public debt paid off. When old financial fixes expire, new fixes are voted for more tax-sucking. And, where are the taxpayers? Watching sports games.
      6. The dirty little secret is not capitalism but decapitalism where the terms and tools of capitalism are used to decapitalize production and decapitalize jobs.
    4. Obvious is why carpetbagging developers want tax-subsidies. Equally obvious are the habitual polticians who take kickbacks as personal bribes or campaign donations.
  3. The more illogical a tax-boondoggle, the more backroom corruption.
    1. Why has Mayor Jones pursued a "go-alone" plan without the involvement of surrounding counties? Less due diligance. Less putting pen to paper to do the math. (I do not trust the Mayor's numbers on the Redskin Training camp.)
    2. The devil is in the details: In the details one finds the devils with whom the politicians made the deal.
    3. If smoke then fire. If smell then stink.
    4. We need a special prosecutor and grand jury to investigate the council members and carpetbagging developers.

Elephant in the room #1: In 1982, I wrote an essay stating that the most immediate impact of rising CO2 would be precipitation changes: Record droughts and deluges. The missing key to understanding climate change is CO2's hydrophilia. (Resume ... Achievements)

Play instead of Work top ... Protest Ads and recall petitions

  1. America does not work anymore because we have become a nation of players obsessed with games and gambling--see 2011 WashPost SOTU winning submission.
    1. Can a nation  gamble its way to prosperity? Our habitual politicians think so as they increase the gambling venues.
      1. The lottery is a tax on those who don't know math. More importantly, consider the quality time lost to the gambling addiction. In one week, enuf time is wasted on lotteries to repaint every school room and re-roof every school roof as well as provide teacher assistance.
      2. Virginia Lottery's ballyhoed education payments by the Virginia Lottery is nothing compared to the lost work ethic wasted on playing lottery games. And, what does the lottery board proclaim? "We're Game!"
      3. Like heroin addicts hooked on dope and Wall Street hooked on FED stimulus, the politicians do not know how to wean us off of self-defeating lottery addiction. Mother Nature knows. She will OD us.
    2. Can a nation game its way to prosperity? Our habitual politicians think so as they provide tax-credits, -exemptions and -supports for sports.
      1. Despite Super-Bowl and March Madness hype, sports is in declined based on decreased sales of seats and season tickets.
      2. During a time of cutbacks in Defense spending, politicians are spending millions on protecting the SuperBowl.
      3. In terms the cost to America from the problem-ignoring from heroin, crack, and meth is less than mass distraction of sports-addiction. Make no mistake about it, as drug-users prefer the problem-ignoring bliss so do the sports addicts refuse to consider or admit that their habit is harmful to self and humanity.
    3. The average American spends more time on a weekend of sports than they do annually on politics.
    4. Parents: When your kids have no jobs and you work past your planned retirement, remember how you castrated your kids by being soccer moms and NASCAR dads.
  2. Work solves real problems while play chases false problems.
    1. Work is about needs while play is about wants. Work saves or creates time by solving time-wasting problems while play wastes time.
    2. Do players have the work ethic? No. Players have the waste ethic. Can a player work hard? No. He wastes hard. A player's pride is false pride.
    3. Work is not being paid for punching a timeclock for a job you hate. It is a waste of money, time and humanity.
    4. The minimum-wage floor sweeper cleaning the litter of the million-dollar habitual athlete is of greater value to humanity.
    5. Player Jones inculcates the waste ethic into Richmonders, e.g., Redskins' training camp. Jones is a waste manager
  3. Pray and Play
    1. Lottery players are like prayer addicts. Each addict cherry-picks the plays and prayers to share their winning guesses while igknowing the losers.
    2. Is sports "a ticket out of the ghetto" as claimed by black politicians and preachers? Yes, but the claim is a half-truth like "Igknowance is bliss ... until the igknowed problems blitz your life." More fully, the ticket out of the ghetto is a round-trip ticket.
      1. Based on the sports lottery, only a few hundred are annual pro-draftees.
      2. The modern day packed slave ship is the the day-labor pools packed with ex-high school and ex-college atheletes who motor-mouth about sports.
      3. Pro-draft lottery winners mostly have the round-trip ticket: The thousands of former impoverished NFL players seeking billions of dollars is proof of the round-trip ticket. What next? Drug users suing drug dealers for their addiction?
      4. A few poster student-atheletes cannot hide the poor performance of athletes in life nor the complicity of the NCAA: For 5 years in the 1990's, none of Virginia Tech's starting basketball players graduated despite playing only two months before commencement.
    3. Marx's "religion is the opium of the people" has been double-downed by how sports is an additional opiate. Richmond has a double-wasting, preaching, playing mayor who pursues the mental and emotional oxycodone of pray and play.
  4. Sadly, we have a play-obsessed President. I am an vanilla human happy to have a chocolate family in America's White House (TV ad). I wish he was a less play pathetic man. Originally, he wanted no Presidential Library. Now, 3-years before leaving office, he has quid pro quo runners lining up sponsors ... Will be the most visited Presidential Library. The library will be a multi-sports venue with presidential memorabilia lining the walls, walkways and bathrooms. Smart move.
  5. A common objection to the Shockoe Baseball Hell  is desecrating a slave cemetary. How ironic that the park will be a more massive mental enslaver of minds than metal manacles.

Elephant in the Room #2: In the early 2000's, I wrote "Hurricanes for Dummies"--a series of essays on how rising CO2 would reduce the number of hurricanes with a greater intensity if they did form.

Education top ... Protest Ads

  1. The United States is the only nation that has competitive sports integrated into its education system ... and it shows. Since the 1970's, our science/math scores have plummetted globally from Top 5 to the Mid-30's while the sports focus has intensified. In most states, the highest paid public employee is a coach, not the governor.
  2. Anyone who thinks more play will mean more and better pensions need only look at the thousands of former NFL players on skid-row whining for millions because of head concussions. What did they do with their millions dollar paychecks? Clearly, their college degrees were not in work and savings but in play and waste. Like cigarettes causing cancer, head-knocking dementia has been known for centuries, e.g., boxing. These whining wasteful players are like Johns suing streetwalkers for STDs.
    1. An 80-year old Federal Judge, Anita Brody in Philadelphia, stopped the NFL settlement saying it is not enough money.
    2. How does she expect to receive pay raises and pensions if she encourages wealth-wasting play over wealth-creating work?
    3. Her actions are a joke that should jolt the doodoo of you. With friends like her, blacks don't need enemas.
    4. Term limits would be good for America, not only for elective offices but for appointed judges.
  3. Local Richmond TV news showed a sad fact about the Redskin Training camp: African Americans predominated. Sports is a millstone around the necks of black Americans, heavier than any steel manacle. The KKK lynched hundreds. Sports has self-enslaved millions to wasteful learning, misdirected motivation and day-labor indenture servitude.
  4. Like the Africans who captured and sold 90% of slaves, Richmond's Chief Jones captures the vulnerable hearts and minds to sell to the merchants of play. Of course, he could not do this without like-minded parents. Which is worse? The merchants of death or the merchants of play?
  5. The school year and school day is not the number of days but number of hours that students focuses on learning. Some taxophiliacs want expensive longer school days or years. Oppositely,  the tax-saver says the same can be achieved by eliminating the time-devouring distraction of sports.
  6. Calls for paying student players are like the Title IX laws that required equal spending on female sports. In other words, "Women should waste as much time as men." Fortunately for women, the public adolation and addiction has been insufficient to motivate equal numbers of women to waste their time on play. Instead, the women hit the books and now outnumber men in college. More and more, dumb arse jocks are having an educated woman boss. Instead of Title IX, America needed and needs Title Zero. The economics of play instead of work means the taxes paying for sports are disappearing like work, savings, pensions and retirements.
  7. Female equality now means dinner TV ads on women sexual dysfunction: blood clots, vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding. Yummy!

Elephant in the Room #3: In mid-2000's, I wrote "Polar Timebomb" (www ... vid) in which it was concluded the icecap melting would be faster than computer models predicted. When gone, Mother Nature will give us a massive heatwave, drought and megafire. The 2014 "Polar Vortices" was predicted. Furthermore, computer modelers on climate change who do not include the CO2 organic thesis (www ... vid) are like Casanovas writing books on lovemaking who do know what a penis is.

Power: Economic versus Sports top ... Protest Ads

  1. The harmful affects of sports on America's blacks can be seen in politics.
    1. After Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, the shared bonds disappeared between the equally oppressed blacks and jews. White freedom riders had a higher percentage of Jews than the general population. The three civil right activists killed in Mississippi by the KKK were one black and two jews: Chaney, Goodman, and Schwermer. Not any more. Jews bought tickets to the suburb while blacks bought roundtrip tickets to the inner-city.
    2. At one time, over 200 U.S. Representatives had black swing voting blocks. Foolishly, blacks cheered the gerrymandering of 35 black-majority Apartheid Homelands. Like sports, blacks have their sterile political symbols. Civil rights legislation has stalled because over 200 Representatives do not have to count of black votes. Old civil rights lions in Congress can talk, but they cannot deliver.
    3. While blacks focused on sports, jews focused on education, law, and politics. Today, Congress is controlled by jews--AIPAC.  The Democratic party is headed by a jew. The number 2 in Congress is a jew--Canter. The #1 Democrat in Congress is a jew--Pelosi. The FED is controlled by jews. The US Supreme court: 3 jews and 1 black. Why does 1.2% of the population have more economic and political power than 12%? Play!. How many great jewish sports headliners can you list compared to the plethora of black atheletes?
    4. This jew/black comparison is not to put down jews but to show how blacks have allowed themselves to be put down economically and politically by wasting their time on sports "heros." Who has done more to de-rail black progress? KKK or NCAA? David Duke or LeBron James? Blacks can either have symbols or substance.
    5. Of great importance is how schools that emphasize playing musical instruments over playing sports have significantly higher graduation and college rates, here and abroad, inner-city and suburbs.
    6. Nothing epitomizes more the self-enslavement to second-class citizenship than America's first black President appointing the jewish former head of the Israeli National Bank as #2 at the FED in January, 2014. What next? Kim Jung Un for Secretary of Defense? Or, Wen Jiabao to head the Commerce Department? (The latter would be like Geo. W. Bush's longest serving cabinet secretary--the whole 8-years--who was born in China, the 2nd wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell.) We reap what we sow. Blacks cannot be both players and workers, that is, one cannot have one's cake and eat it too.
  2. Picking cotton or a baseball for massa is the same as shoveling manure or carrying a football. Then, blacks wanted freedom. Now, blacks want the bliss of igknowance. Until blacks stop wasting time on play they will always be self-seating at the back of the economic and political bus. To paraphrase Willy, "Momma, don't let your boys grow up to be players."
  3. America's gerrymandered Apartheid Homelands are symptomatic of the bipartisanship suicide  in Congress. Boutiqued re-districting guaranteed re-election with no opponent for incumbent habitual politicians who cater to their base. America needs a special redistricting commission to draw lines based on economic viablity not re-election viability. With America's Apartheid Homelands, we don't have bi-partianship but tri-partianship.
  4. Has Richmond's player/prayer Jones' sports obsession helped young blacks compete with whites by promoting the waste ethic instead of the work ethic? Will Shockoe Baseball Hell help black and white progress relative to China where sports is not in the schools?

Elephant in the Room #4: In 2006, based on reviewed data, the following conclusions were drawn.

  1. By 2010, national food riots would spring up because of climate change destroying the foodchain, causing inflation, and causing unemployment. I was wrong. The riots started two-years earlier in 2008.
  2. By 2012, because of inflation and unemployment, nations would begin to collapse. I was wrong. The Arab Spring started two years earlier in 2010.
  3. By 2015, 90% of humanity would be dead or suffering from climate change. The early 2014 brutal winter buttresses this conclusion with an anticipated multi-state, nation-destroying megafire in the U.S. either in 2014 or 2015.
  4. We should be preventing or preparing for Mother Nature's wrath from our CO2-sins against her ... not aggravating her further with tax-subsidized play and wants.

Onion-Seed Racist: top ... Protest Ads
My economic and environmental worries worsen as I see the inevitable consequences of Shockoe Baseball Hell. If I was a racist, I would want blacks to keep wasting their classroom time engaging in the mental masturbation of distracting sports. If I was a racist, I'd be like the white Congressman who wants to pay student athletes which will further reduce math/science scores.

  1. Am I a racist? Perhaps an onion-seed racist but not a big stinking Bermuda onion racist. My working space has two rows of hero pictures, chocolate and vanilla. The difference between blacks and whites is like a coin's two sides that has the same value no matter how spun or spent.
  2. Based on history,
    1. as to black white difference, we all descend from African ancestors, some more recently than others,
    2. the genetic selective process of surviving the Middle Passage and centuries of slavery have engendered blacks with a better genome to survive climate change,
    3. the genetic changes in skin color from migrating away from the African source of homo sapiens means that whities are merely washed-out darkies, and
    4. I once thought 200-years of having black majorities in Congress, on Courts and in the White House would better fulfill the Declaration of Independence. But with recent personal and public events, e.g., the CrowJimism of a racist mayor and of RPD LIOs, I am not sure.
  3. Blacks obsession with sports is a legacy of slavery, that is, an engained hard-to-shake sense of inferiority. Thus, instead of quietly working to get ahead with their eyes on the prize, blacks focus on white-controlled media events to show whites that blacks are as good as whites. But this "I'll show you" inferiority distracts blacks from their work ethic to survive and counter Jim Crow. The average black has a lower work ethic today than 50 years ago [but so do whites]. In deed, in thoughts and in school, the daily ratio of work ethic to waste ethic determines how quickly one or many will rise above the gutter or ghetto, e.g., Jews. Restated, the quality of money to solve probems is based on the ratio of work to play paychecks. With more play, we have more problems and have a lower quality of money in solving problems. America's masochistic creed is Wasto ergo sum.
    1. A sad sign of Jim Crow and inferiority is when black girls choose a white doll as what they want to be.
    2. Jews do not suffer from the inferiority imposed by recent enslavement. Quite the opposite. Afterall, they are the chosen people. Ask 'em.
  4. The omnipresent symbol of black inferiority is blacks' reaction to the the racist taunt, "nigger."
    1. By reacting negatively and demanding sanctification of "nigger," blacks let the racists defined and control them.
    2. As the sports obsession condemns many young minds to a castrated career potential, so does the black community's inferiority complex on "nigger" condemn young black children to a knee-jerk, self-destructive reaction. This inferiority complex continues the power of the racist to define and control blacks by simply saying, "Nigger."
    3. As white politicians played the race card to the fears, insecurities and inferiorities of whites so do black politicians like Dwight Jones play the nigger card.
  5. What does your God think?
    1. For this writer who asked the question "What does the christian god believe when he hears the word "nigger," nigger has a special, very positive meaning. Ask the question and follow the logic.
    2. If a black person can wear an old symbol of discrimination--the cross--they should apply the same logic to nigger. Like wearing a cross to honor the most known person to have died on a cross--Jesus-- nigger is my highest compliment to honor all the good people who were denied and disrespected under this moniker.
    3. Feel free to call me nigger. Like the biblical god, I am a nigger-lover. Do you really think an all-knowing, compassionate god would love the racist instead of the racist's victims? In 1842, Southern Baptists thought so.
    4. One time when I explained "What does God think ..." to a black man, he said to me, "I'm fifty years old. You are the first white man to use the word 'nigger' that I did not want to hurt. Thank you."
    5. Niggerism describes under-paid, under-trained and under-respected problem-solvers who keep trying to solve problems. The greatest nigger who ever lived was strung up like a strange fruit after giving the Sermon on the Mound. Per the bible, if Jesus was the only begotten son of Yaweh then Allah was a nigger-lover like this writer.
  6. Choices for Chocolate Folk
    1. Condemn your children to wasted time and emotions. Keep nigger as a white taboo. White racists will use it as a boogie man to have you step-and-fetch as if screaming, "Boo!"
    2. Disarm, fluster, define and control the nigger-calling racist by simply responding, "Thank you for the compliment. I don't know what I did to deserve it."
    3. Click here to vote for nigger as a high compliment.

Elephant in the Room #5: Cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts: Cost of living and cost of lying. The former is the average daily time needed to buy the necessities of life. The latter is the time wasted on doing things based on how we lie to ourselves about values and importance. Our basements, attics, garages and yards are full of things we once wanted so badly. Often, we are still paying off loans for things we could not and cannot afford because we wanted them, e.g., underwater excessively large homes.

Morality without Practicality is Immoral top ... Protest Ads

  1. Based on the etymology of moral (more of), the universal practical basis of all morality has been and is the creation of more time. All the Commandments mean one axiom, "Thou shall create more time than you consume."
  2. Time is the thread in the fabric of life which we weave or fray. All things can be quantified in time--food, water, work, insults, play, disrespect, etc. Read Timism: The morality of more time.
  3. Time is the clutter cutter in assessing whether one is part of the time-wasting problem or part of the time-saving solution.
  4. Existentially, a right and freedom only exist when an action prevents or corrects the wrongful theft or destruction of time. Illogical legal rights and freedoms of habitual politicians are not inherently right nor lasting freedoms.
  5. Any system that does not create more time for its members is a self-destructive, suicidal cancer. Yes, when it comes to time, a cancer consumes more time than it creates as it steals from other system members: the system dies. Mayor Jones is carcinogen catalyzing the death of Richmond.

Elephant in the Room #6: The January 2014 winter disaster in Atlanta is nothing compared to the coming 2014/2015 drought/fire disaster in Richmond, Virginia and the East Coast. Instead of wasting time on the time-wasting of play and sports, we should be preparing disaster plans based on individual responsibility. Otherwise, political disasters of riots and looting will make the natural disaster even worse, e.g., Hurricane Katrina. Political disaster? Yes, evil triumphs when good men don't act. But, when politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

CrowJimism top ... Recall Petition

  1. As a result of repeated encounters with RPD LIOs (Richmond Police Department Law Ignoring Officers) over a black neighbor's continual violation of the law, I realized I was being discriminated against.
  2. In particular, when a RPD LIO responded in a threatening tone to my claim of reverse discrimination--"Don't even go there"--I closed the door on asking the RPD LIOs for help. Wow.
    1. Just like a black person being bullied by a white officer when complaining about a white law-breaker. Jim Crow has become CrowJim.
    2. Now, like black people in the past, I am developing two race-based personalities: One for the chocolate folks and one for black racists.
    3. Blacks know it is useless, if not dangerous, to call a racist a racist. Likewise with calling a CrowJim a CrowJim. I have no desire to be a white Rodney King, James Meredith or strange fruit. In general, don't tell an insecure, inferior-feeling person what they are.
  3. Aggravating and perplexing was when I went to the RPD to get copies of the police reports with the officers' cards containing the "incident report number." The reports, as required by law, did not exist in the system. The records officer said I should write the chief requesting "why not." Were my incident cards written like the message on the windshield of a damaged car: "People think I am leaving my phone number so you can contact me on having hit your car. Suckers."
  4. The racist pendulum of Jim Crow has swung into CrowJim as blacks have gained political power, especially in policing powers. Without witnesses, officers' CrowJimism runs wild. Not all blacks are CrowJims as not all whites are Jim Crows. Now is the time for racial sensitivity training for blacks to reverse their CrowJim attitudes.
  5. I'm in a terrible situation. We have CrowJim policemen and Mayor CrowJim Jones, a self-reveled racist--majority of City Council "does not look like us." As soon as I can, I am moving out of Richmond after 35 years in my one home. As the elephant in the room tramples more and more, the praying, playing CrowJims will blame whites. I discourage any white person from moving into to the former capital of the Confederacy which, from my experience, is becoming a capital of CrowJimism.

Mayor Jones: WWJD? top ... Protest Ads

  1. Preacher Jones is another example of why we need a separation of church and state.
    1. Every current conflict in the world displacing and killing millions are religious conflicts. Few historical conflicts were not religious--see KooKoo Nelly.
    2. Men of god championed slavery in America: Georgia's Charter Change(1751), Baptist Split (1842), Civil War(1860), and Letter from Birmingham Jail(1963).
    3. While black churches organized needed civil rights for blacks, now they are wellsprings of igknowance and CrowJimism.
    4. Richmond's, America's and humanity's problems are secular which religions and preachers will not solve. The new pope is likable but once again changing the Catholic Church while for eternity 2+2 still equals 4.
  2. Racist Jones shows why churches are not full of hypocrites ... there is room for more.
    1. From the pulpit, the good preacher shouts about the greatness of free eternal life and a free personal slave while 24/7 he keeps a $300,000 personal security God.
    2. Negating his talk is his walk: If his heaven is so good why does he assiduously avoid it? And, who is he afraid of? Or, is it another symbol of self-importance from fathomless inferiority?
  3. Illogical Aliens are worse than illegal aliens.
    1. They pretend and proclaim a better life elsewhere but cling to life here on earth with guns in church and budget-busting tax-supported healthcare.
    2. They resent and attack others who do not share this self-deception based on their existential insecurity and inferiority.
    3. When one brings illogical suppositions and wants into the real world, real problems are not solved, e.g., sports instead of education.
    4. Jone's Hades-on-the-James is an example of the worsening global civil war between knowledge and igknowance (www ... vid).
  4. Prayer
    1. Calls for public prayer is an admission that private prayer in home and church does not work. So much for the "Power of Prayer." Unlike the founder of Christianity, Christains seek to assuage their insecurities and inferiorities by demanding others participate in their self-lies.
    2. Prayer is a form of play as people play with imaginary problems which wastes their time from working to solve the real problems of life--food and shelter. Workers create. Players consume.
    3. Based on the Templeton Study, please do not pray for me.
    4. If tomorrow we all pray or play 365/24/7, would we have a better world compared to the other extreme of working to solve our real earth-planet problems? At which end of the problem-solution continuum is Richmond's praying, playing mayor directing our goals and motivation? If you want more problems, pray and play with Richmond's prayerful player.
  5. Quality of money based on work versus play:
    1. Being a habitual begger of money as a preacher--so called tithing--Rev. Jones is like most economists. Both measure quantities of money without qualifying, e.g., Quantitative Easing. Does an increase in funny numbers on funny paper in the pockets of drug-dealers mean more good? Or, lottery players? Or, student athletes? Or, offering plates? If we all prayed all the time and gave all our money to the preachers, we might go to heaven ... after a hell on earth. We need an honest, functional, work-based problem-solving currency--the lifehour.
    2. Hades-on-the-James is what is devolving in Richmond under a preacher's mentality who has never created wealth but prayed for and begged for wealth. We need more secular wealth production not more religious wealth taking services. If you want hell in home, on streets and at work (Syria, Egypt, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Libya) vote for religious hypocrites
  6. MLK spoke of judging not by the color of skin but by the content of character. This is the essence of democracy, that is, the problem-solving content of the policy rather than a colorful politician's speech: "Revitalize RVA is a bold plan".
  7. The devil is in the details, that is, who is making deals with the devil. Taken all together (talk not walk, personal security, self-revealed racism, belligerent speech, etc.), to not think Dwight Jones and his friends are not worthy of a Special Federal Prosecutor is specious blindness. Men of the cloth are devoted or ill-voted.
  8. Vision without Reason is Treason to Reason
    1. Bull Conner Jones is metastasizing mental hesitation in the minds of the white community--Should they locate or maintain businesses and homes in Richmond, a town about to be saddled with tax obligations for a counter-productive facade?
    2. Jone's Detroit-on-the-James: If the black community does not realize the irrelevancy of Jones' player mindset then, together, they will buttress another white flight from Richmond.
    3. CrowJim Jones clearly prefers Pittsburgh Steelers over Pittsburgh steelworkers.
  9. Jones legacy
    1. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
    2. Cost of humanity to Mother Nature is cost of living and cost of lying. The cost of religious lies is overpopulation feeding the Elephant in the Room with more and more CO2-sinners. CO-footprints? Only if you recognize the footware as jackboots.
    3. When disaster strikes, the preachers will say it is God's will. Many survivors will call their survival a miracle from God and proof that God exists. Like the "miracle on the Hudson" would it not have taken the all-knowing, all-powerful and all-comforting God a lot less to have prevented the "miracle"  by slowing down the flock of birds than the subsequent disruption of numerous lives? If there was a god on the Hudson, it was Cap'n Sully, not a figment of insecure imaginations. Some say that God does things to test our faith. One theologian said the millions killed by Hitler was God testing the survivors' faith. Or, as some cretinists say, god created the rest of universe to test earthlings' faiths. This is like a grain of sand thinking the beaches and oceans were created to provide it a place in the cosmos. Or, the little flea ....
    4. WWJD? Will Mayor Jones stop, stepback and change? No, he has been being the wrong things for so long he no longer views them as human wrongs but as personal rights. He really does believe his own press releases.
    5. Richmond needs a Mandela not a Mugabe. Richmond needs a Christ-follower not an anti-christ.

Please help stop the Shockoe Bottom Baseball Hell by donating to the Protest Ads and attending the next City Council meeting (??) wearing red attire. Business owners who do not do a little now will lose a lot in the long run.

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