Being Black: Red or White Wine?

As human beings, we are equal in the right to pursue happiness as conveyed in the Declaration of Independence.

An enlightened mind knows that any person with the same intelligence, opportunities and motivation will pursue the same dream of happiness ... or the same nightmare of foolishness.

Like spouses in a marriage, maybe one race is smarter than another. Who knows? Who cares? Partners in life that respect each other's inalienable rights have better lives than a master and slave, a thief and victim, or a oppressor and oppressed. If rights are based on intelligence then we should all be ruled by one person. As this is a prescription for human disaster so is any social-economic arrangement that does not promote individual rights, equality and maximum of problem-solving in the pursuit of happiness.

But this writer thinks there is one basic, physiological difference between a black and white person. This thinking is based on personal observation and reflection in conjunction with recollection of a number of psychological and physiological studies. This thinking was buttressed recently by a perception study which involved African-Americans employed in civil rights promotion and enforcement. The study involved flashing pictures of blacks and whites with a question of which invoked more insecurity. Much to the surprise of many who claim to be non-discriminatory (both black and white subjects), black pictures consistency elicited the response of inspiring insecurity.

The wrong question was asked. A better question would be, "Do you like red or white wine?" Anyone who has developed a good palette for wine knows that a red wine takes longer to discern than a white. The reward of red wine is that the enjoyment is more varietal and longer-lasting. The same is true of non-white breads and enriched white bread. The same is true with black people.

The right question for the perception study is "Which face has the longer degree of uncertainty before you feel comfortable with the facial cues?" If blacks are at a physical disadvantage, it is with people who can or will not take the time to discern the less immediate facial cues of a black person. Blacks don't have any other physical limitation, and if they did, they still have the right of equality to pursue happiness.

Some analogies:

  1. For snacks, do you like refined granulated white sugar or rich, velvety dark chocolate?
  2. Do you want to avoid the cabin fever of seeing only a mono-tonal snow-covered landscape? Have an autumnal array of associates.
  3. Comics or Bible: It takes more work to read the latter versus than the former. Which is more rewarding? Likewise, it takes a little more effort whether you are white or black to read the body language and facial meaning of a black person. But the rewards of expanding your human interpersonal skills to the richness of all of your humanity is its own reward. Once you learn the pace at which to read the subtleties, nuances and richness of a black person, it ain't  hard at all. Like an experienced oeinophile.
  4. The pace is simply the pace of recognizing the equal humanity of another human being with a better, but obscuring, tan. And for the black person judging you with a human sensivity  above the average white person, when you learn the pace, the pace of your face conveys your honest humanity in interpersonal interactions.
  5. Rooms, lighted or dark: If you walk into a dark room, it takes longer to discern the content than if you turn on the light. Does the lack of immediate clarity reflect on the content of the room or on the perceiver of the room? Some people can see very well in a dark room. All of us get better in seeing in the dark as our eyes get used to the darkness.
  6. Dark people are like moonless nights: They are part of life and are not going away. If you want to get the most of all the moments of your life, learn to appreciate the subtleties of dark nights and dark people.
  7. Compare the following identical boxes and lines except for a reversal of the colors: Which is more readily noticeable and discernible. As whole. In parts.

    Walk away until you can only see one of them. Which is most readily from afar or as you walk up to them? Like people, the lines and boxes are identical except for the color reversal.
  8. Actors/Actresses: As a red wine can offer greater variety so can black performers offer a greater richness than white performers. As the barriers of racism falls, blacks will attract more awards, males before females. ( Great Black Actors )
  9. Content of character: When that great civil and human rights leader spoke of judging on the content of character rather than color of skin, he was touching upon the uncertainty in discerning the mood and emotions of a black person compared to a white person. It could be argue that, among many reasons, blacks developed wider emotional responses, smiles or laughter to readily convey that their uncertain features hid no harm. Like the knight raising his visor or a journeyer offering an open hand. It may take a little longer to judge the content of a dark fine wine but it has its rewards. Imagine a world with only white wine or bottled water.
  10. Over the years, you probably have met either someone who looks like you or been told that you have a double. At one time or another, this writer has encountered black people who could be double of one of his siblings if his sibling had a better tan. In getting beyond skin color into content of character, one will be surprised at how different different people are with some being no different than your closest blood.
  11. Not the best example of this point for one simple reason, but ....

At the risk of belittling the point of contrast, one event has been found where integration does not work for this writer. Coffee. Integrating all aspects of one's life is not only a right life but is a better life with the exception of integrating coffee where black is beautiful. .

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