Why donate to and invest in Better Democracy and Capitalism?

Time and money donated to Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism is an investment in the future that will be returned many times over by having fewer money-wasting problems in your life. And, besides, you  receive lifehour tax credits to redeem when we have achieved the goal.

  1. A safer, saner world with more disposable time and money for self, family and community: RU424in4.
  2. Election sanity: A few days, not months after months. Low cost. Colfilperhone
  3. Elections of the people, by the people and for the people--higher participation and involvement by using computer to both work and govern from home.
  4. Decapitalism Death: An end to greedy, thieving people parading under the sheepskin of capitalism.
  5. Balanced, productive economies: With decapitalism's decline, the bright, motivated heads legally and greedily stealing billions of dollars causing problems (George Soros) will turn their intelligence to solving real human problems.
  6. End to habitual politicians, problems and terrorism.
  7. Lower taxes: Government efficiency buy using the web to record/report all purchases
  8. Lower taxes: Simplified tax system consuming .5% of GDP, not 6%.
  9. Promotions: A 40% reduction in the workweek (24in4) is a 40% promotion rate as superiors work less leaving decision-making vacancies that are more enjoyable, challenging and rewarding ($$!!).
  10. Currency stability: Implementing a system that eliminates the gaps between the symbols and substance of our time: Lifehours.
  11. Pension reliability: With the new understanding of currency through lifehours, pensions can be designed so that if you save a hour of life at work, you will receive at least a lifehour of buying power when you use the savings in retirement.
  12. Lower healthcare costs: Expand the money supply through the volunteers of America to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses.
  13. Safer schools and streets as parents have more time for quality time with family.
  14. Timism: A tool that will increasingly pervade all disciplines allowing problem researchers to apply parallel paradigms from seemingly unrelated disciplines.

There are many more reasons.

Could you make a donation now and everytime you find a progressive proposal that will save you time and money.

You can either put the time in now to stop and reverse of the habitual politicians stealing your retirement through tax credits for their friends and re-election, or you can put the time in your later years, bagging groceries, cleaning houses and having to choose between heating your house, feeding your stomach or buying life-saving medicine. It's your choice. Where you going to put your time? Now or later?

Of course, you may have one of the four or five reasons people don't support good things.

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