Girls' Bull or Guys' Lies

Since Helen of Troy, guys have lied for mostly one thing. The highest office in the United States is not exempt from guys lying in response to their testosterone and dumbsticks. For some reason, that is a separate issue,

  • guys want all girls to fulfill one desire while
  • girls want one guy to fulfill all desires.

Most guys learn early on that lies lead to where the forbidden fruit lies. The basic lie it to observe the basic difference of desires: Promise the girl everything if she will give one thing to prove her love. Johns and dates have a more honest relationship, well, a third of them..

How many young lives have been wasted when guys lies? Chandra's? The girl suffers a loss of freedom as she is condemned to a lower level of problem-solving challenges and rewards. Thanks to DNA, fewer guys are escaping the responsibility of lying, but their lives too are hamstrung. Most harmed, of course, are the newborns who inherited the lies of the fathers and the foolishness of the mothers. To many guys have false heros.

Even if society can pin the total costs--$70,000+ in 1999--on the boy, society ends up losing each time a boy writes a blank emotional check drawn on an empty account of love in order to buy a gal with a lie. Of course, guys wouldn't continue to lie if gals did not keep accepting these worthless promissory notes.

The goal of the Guys Lie Brain Bees is to let young people share the lies and the costs. If Guys Lie can reduce the teenage pregnancy rate a few more points, fewer lives will be wasted and lost. Gals and guys can have a more profitable life by sharing lies.

(When guys give up chasing girls for the one gal at home, the old rutting behavior takes on a new form, channel surfing. Guys want all channels for entertainment while Gals want to be entertained by one channel.)

Opposite of Guys' Lies is what a member of the opposite sex called "Girls' Bull."

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