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State Dissolution

The political and economic rationale of states within the United States is an increasingly expensive, redundant anachronism in the solving of human problems. States are like the obsolete monarchies of Europe or elsewhere. Currently, the redundancy of states within the American experience costs the average citizen two hours of unnecessary labor each week.

A streamlining and downsizing of public problem-solving requires a targeted dissolution of states as political entities if the United States is to keep its democratic leadership and advantages in the world. As modern democracies have either jettisoned or diminished monarchies as political forces, so should the citizens of the United States target the gradual elimination as these redundant, unnecessary political foci.

Is it worth giving up 8000 lifehours of one's existence  (4 work years) to be able to say that one is from his or her state?

If we didn't have the political and tax redundancy of states, we could retire 4 years earlier or weekly work 2 hours less. Are one's state politicians worth the extra costs? As the politicians have allowed the efficiency of multistate banking with regional and district divisions, so should the 50 states be reorganized into regions and districts. The difference?

If the United States is to maintain its leadership it must evolve more evolved political efficiency in light of the movements to create United States of Europe, Africa and South America. If any of these continents utilize the means of modern communication to bypass the United States level of political evolution, then the United States will be left behind in the global market.

Democracy is the highest level of productivity. As some developing countries are bypassing the expensive infrastructure of telephone lines for cellular phones, so will some bypass the democratic limits of state rights for individual rights. As a timist would say, the time for statehood has passed, for they are increasingly parasistes draining resources from the problem-solving process.




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