Fence and Retaining Wall Design at Anne Street and Bland Street

When issued a stop work order, the job was almost complete with the following features.

  1. All wood is treated lumber.
  2. 37 feet long on Bland Street at 2 ft  7 inches ... 16 feet on Anne Street (2 ft 7 inches reducing in height with grade) ... 25 feet on property line from 2 ft 7 inches.
  3. Hydrostatic pressure reduction
    1. The retaining wall consisted of treated landscape timber that was spaced 3/4" apart by treated 1x4x6 spacers.
    2. On the inside of the wall, a water permiable barrier was attached.
    3. Black corrogated 4" drain pipe was installed about every four or five feet.
    4. Concrete was poured under the lower timber as a vertical support system and for movement prevention
  4. Bursting prevention
    1. Vertical 4x4 treated lumber was placed at about four foot intervals. Lumber were placed atop stakes driven six feet in the ground from an older fence that had been there for years.
    2. Lag bolts (6" 3/8") were used to attach the timbers to the vertical 4x4's. Lag bolts were countersunk using galvanized
    3. On each vertical 4x4's an inside angle bracket consisting of a 3-foot 4x4 horizontal  member lag-bolted to a 45 degree 4x4 attached to both the vertical and horizontal 4x4.
    4. The angle brackets were connected by a horizontal 2x6 screwed into the horizontal member and a 2x6 screwed into the horizontal member


  1. Approval as is with a wall height of 2 ft 7 inches.
  2. Remove the top two timbers so the height is under 2 feet with the garden soil sloping to the new lower height.
  3. Remove all dirt contacting the wall so that the wall is a fence to keep out deer and reduce garden thieves.