PaPa's Gang
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Learning Sequence
  1. Primary Moral Imperative  (PMI) (YouTube)
    1. 1982 Essay
    2. Global Dying (YouTube)
    1. Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
    2. Community Service Healthcare
      Why are we doing this? PMI
  3. Democracy and Brainbees
    1. Youth Wisdom Forum
    2. Personal democracy
    3. Super Brainbee
      PMI: How are we going to promote PMI?
  4. Capitalism and Lifehours
    1. Capitalism is a victim of identity theft.
    2. 401ks are the biggest bankro
    3. PMI: How? Why?
  5. Launching: Emails
    1. 1st Citizen Legislation
    2. School Superintendents

Specialists (Tentative)

24in4: Loan Refinance Harold
24in4: Community Healthcare SueLana
Democracy Jermain
Brainbees Taylor
Youth Wisdom ??
Personal Democracy Jan
Super Brainbee Taylor
Capitalism ??
Lifehours Chris
401ks: Biggest Bank Robbery Harold
1st Citizen Legislation Taylor

Bob Barnett: Resume ... Achievements ... References