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Dear SDHS 1968 Classmates,

More than 50 years ago we started our journey on Eldorado Street. Now, we are in the twilight of our lives with uncertainties for our and subsequent generations compared to our parents' generation. I would like your help in beta testing the interactive features of my website (www.Timism.com) which describes and prescribes problems and solutions with tools to self-organize and self-reward. There are many rewards for the beta testers that become apparent in the testing.

In my ClassReport.org bio I made reference to "Timism' which has been my "mistress" since 1971 when I first conceived a preliminary system of explaining mental proceses, i.e., ROI, rate of integration. In graduate school, I realized our thoughts and words are mere units of time that are creative or cancerous. The Darwinian dynamics of survivor of the fittest is example of a more general inclusive statement, "survival of the most time creative."

Timism was not only a periodic table of existence (encompassing and mirrored by the periodic table of elements in chemistry) but became Timism: The Morality of More Time. When properly conceptualized, time is truly the thread in the fabric of life.

Timism opens a hallway of application to levels of existence beyond our mentality, e.g., physics, metabolism, economics, politics and morality.  Of politics, you may recall the Watergate Deepthroat utterance, "Follow the money." A different, more revealing outcome occurs if you "Follow the time" creation/destruction. With timistic analysis, one can weigh motivations and money on a common scale--time. Of morality, when converted into time, the offer of money rewards for capturing an Islamic terrorist has a low time value compared to an eternity of virgins in paradise.

[Before reading further, you might benefit from reading my resume and achievements to realize there is some fire behind the smoke. Some people think I am a liar. No, I've been lucky.]

  1. Existential Meltdown
  2. Habitual Politicians and Tenured Economists
  3. Why help
  4. Lifehour Warrants/Credits
  5. Beta Tester Duties
  6. Caveats

Existential Meltdown

You can review the academic facets of timism at the website. More important than metaphysical discussions is our awareness of a worsening collection of problems with I call the existential meltdown.  (A brainbee has been defined for our metatalks, SDHS in the Super Brainbee.) Our primary non-human problem has been called different things, e.g., global warming, climate change, etc. I prefer climate chaos. My understanding, conclusions and predictions are predicated on my undergraduate chemistry and my graduate hobby of CO2 metabolic effects. The following represent my pertinent knowledge germane to this discourse.

  1. 1982 Droughts Forever: Rising CO2 levels will cause droughts, deluges, famines, fires leading to social, economic and political collapse.
  2. 1990's Global Dying: List of major droughts and upwind CO2 sources, e.g, oil fields.
  3. 2000 AlphaTrifecta: Rising CO2 carbonates our 90% plus body leading to increases in Autism, ADHD and Alzheimers as well as
  4. 2002 Hurricanes for Dummies
  5. 2006 Polar Timebomb
  6. 2006 Predictions: Sad, some were soon. Glad the 2015 is not as bad as predicted 10 years earlier.
  7. 2012 Midwest Drought explained 

I hate being right about things going wrong.

Other views of timism can be accessed at YouTube Channels: Economics, Existence, GlobalDying, Politics, TVads, and WholePlan.

Unlike most meterologists and climatologists, my understanding is not a matter of tweaking computer programs--this is like the pope writing a manual on marital bliss. My understanding is based on the chemical properties of CO2.

  1. Organic Thesis of Climate Change and Extremes
  2. CO2/H2O Fusion/Fission Atmospheric Dynamics
  3. 2015 Drought/Deluge: See $5 milllion California Ransom Demand and Midwest Class Action suit.

Fellow classmates, I think my predictions and explanations are second to none. As a loner, I did not care to share until I realized that I was not going to outlive the existential meltdown. In 2006, based on data, not gut reactions, I concluded the following.

  1. By 2010, national food riots--I was wrong, they began in 2008.
  2. By 2012, failed states--I was wrong, they began in 2010
  3. By 2015 (this year)--90% human die-off has not happened, but it has begun.
  4. If you do not presently garden, I not only encourage you to garden but to "cavegarden" which I have found to grow 2.5 to 3 times the produce per sq.ft., e.g., 320 pounds of sweet potatos from 120 sq ft.--see www.CaveGarden.com. The droughts, deluges, and habitual politicians (selling food to China) is causing sinflation (shortage inflation).

As shown throughout history as well as around the world today, when the foodchain collapses, social, economic and political collapse occurs. Whether Africa, the MidEast, or, elsewhere, the droughts and deluges are behind the headlines of chaos. Driving the environmental destruction and CO2 sinning is worsening overpopulation encouraged by organized religion which organizes the competing religious zealots: Sunni/Shitte, Islam/Judaism, Islam/Christianity, Islam/Hinduism, Protestant/Catholic, etc. Missing in the history of war and contemporary instabilty are the atheists and agnostics who don't fight over whose god is the right god so have the implied rights to available food, water and women.

Habitual Politicians and Tenured Economists

The environmental existential meltdown is worsened by political, economic and mental dyfunction:

  1. 401k's: The biggest bank robbery in history that transfers the middle-class savings and pensions to the paper-players on Wall Street ... and, it's legal.
  2. 529 College Savings: A ponzi scheme ripping off the middle-class: Do you save money if you take a tax-credit that bloats the national deficit? You are not paying for your kids' college education--they are with high, long-term interest. Graduates with student loans have a second student loans thank to parents bloating the deficit by taking 529 tax credits. The rich don't pay taxes, and, their kids go to college for tuition of two decades ago which forces middle-class students to pay higher tuition. Like 401ks, 529s are tax on the middle-class who igknow math.
  3. Monetarism, aka, usury: A parasitic currency system that drains money from the middle-class into the coffers of financial bureaucrats.
  4. Decapitalism: Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite: Decapitalize (bankrupt) production and decapitate (unemployment) jobs.
  5. MBA: Masters of Bankrupting America or Masters of Business Assasination
  6. IPO: Insiders Phooling outsiders.
  7. Bastard Stocks: America's Death Certificates
  8. Petrophiliacs: Petroleum industrialists molesting humanity for petro wealth.
  9. Mental Dysfunction: People are unwilling to consider they are wrong. It is someone else's fault. We want something for nothing. When we graduated from high school, the graduate's average vocabulary was about 25,000 words. Today, it is less than 7,000. Based on a study by Microsoft, in the last decade the average attention span has dropped 50%, from 12 seconds to 8. How can we define, let alone solve, our time-wasting problems if we do not have the mental time units (words)? Oversimplified, since 1968 the problem-solving power of high school grads have dropped from 100% to 18% (7000/25000 * .66). We have more problems with fewer, less qualified problem-solvers. Parents thought they could a second youth by guiding their kids into sports instead of books--spare the work and spoil your retirement.
  10. It is one big mess with the 2016 Presidential candidates being used car salesmen and pied pipers mouthing empty promises which voters are lapping up like a dog feasting on the blood of a dying economic body.
  11. With the tools of timism for better democracy and better capitalism we can stop our ship of state from sinking.

Why Help

I request you help for to redress the above political and economic fiascos for the following reasons:

  1. Primary Moral Imperative: If life on earth is dying from human CO2-sinning, then we need to change our lifestyles to low CO2 usage, or, as I like to say, Live like a baby chicken, "cheap, cheap, cheap."
  2. Personal financial gain: As beta testers and early birds, there are several ways that you can acquire Timism lifehour credits worth over six figures. These "homesteading" awards are limited. So, first come, first serve.
  3. SDHS1968--most memorable class ever. A minor feather in our aging bonnets. Part and Parcel will the class of 1968 serving as a final editing board of any future policy promulgated by timism. I always assume I am right whereupon I start questioning how I can be wrong. You, all, can help show me how I am wrong to change something so the world does not think timism is all wrong. Wouldn't it be fun to help shape the discourse on the direction of life on earth? That is what timism has been for me for almost five decades.
  4. A re-union travel fund: When someone signs up using SDHS1968@timism.com, the lifehour credit bonus goes into an SDHS1968 account to cover travel cost for the next reunion. If 1000 people cite SDHS1968 as sponsor, that would be 5000 lifehour credits worth about $125,000. If the1968 class acts to make this viral among relatives and friends, there is no reason why 10,000 lifehour credits are not collected. Please note that Timism expect a $10 to $15 billion leverage buyout of the habitual politicians.
    1. Account status program to be created to review lifehour credits for SDHS1968. You will be emailed password to check.
    2. When you signup, you want to use SDHS1968@timism.com. When you encourage others to signup, you want them to use your email address with SDHS1968 being used for the recruiter email address.
  5. Two Super-GOOHF's for each member that signs up before Beta testing is over--one to two weeks.
  6. Full Disclosure: I expect to reap $25 million from Timism after everyone has been paid and before it becomes a public trust. Other than a 1963 Red Corvette Stingray, I don't want much beyond a safer, saner world. I love my house of almost 40 years so no desire for another abode. I intend to use the money for dental work of friends who have not been as lucky me--one friend with cerebral palsy has $50k in dental work. My estate, if any, will go to the Veterans Administration Volunteer service (not the V.A. which became a gulag for me).

Lifehour Warrants/Credits

Initially, some people find Timism on-line accounting system of lifehours to be a gimmick. Not so. It is an effort to create an honest, functional currency that transcends the boundaries of politics and centuries based on true nature of currencies--What is your time currently worth? Or, what are you currently do? Tritely resaid, time is money and money is time.

A problem with currencies throughout history has been the politicians debasing currencies directly or indirectly causing inflation. If inflation takes 50% of your savings in dollars it really took 50% of your worktime to acquire the original savings. Humanity needs a currency kept current and constant in its time value without the hacking by politicians, economists, and businessmen. There is a simple way to calculate the lifehour value of any economic unit based on the value of an hour of life--see Lifehour Index. Lifehours are tradable.

Beta Tester Duties

As noted at the beginning, you can help by beta testing the interactive features (which are in the Cookie Jar on Timism.com's homepage). I request you to do the following which both test and rewards. As more cookies are activated in the Cookie Jar, you will be requested to review. Lifehour credits will issued for problems found by the beta testers.

Things to do to help timism as beta testers





Sign up for an account


Complete Account Information

5 each

Signup friends. Need 10 sponsored accounts to Homestead a political office (next interaction)

1 plus

Homestead political office. Plus lifehour credits is one-year salary divided by annual national wage, e.g.,
President $400,000 or 15,000 lifehour credits (already homesteaded), Senator/Congressman ($225,000 or 9,000 lifehours[if you, as beta testers, don't homestead one of these, you are foolish since you are the first to be aware of homesteading.
Bumper Stickers--optional.


  1. SDHSerrors@timism.com: Please only report web problems, e.g., bad links or interactive crashes. Tolerate the twitter icons. Will upload pages later when I have a few webmasters focusing on the websegments.
  2. Twitter icons words indicate webpages that have not been uploaded. Do not reference them as they will be uploaded in response to general public attitudes, e.g., don't tell someone they are going to a victim of a crime without fear of being an instigator.
  3. Please do not email me directly. I simply don't have the cognitive means to answer personal questions or criticism as I once did. My mind is petering out. Most of Timism was conceived when I was in my 20's and 30's. If successful, we will have a river or ocean cruise on which to talk more. In the meantime, there will eventually be the SDHS brainbee on the Super Brainbee limited to SDHS 1968 classmates.
  4. Sometimes people think I have done something good and wish to compliment me. I prefer constructive criticism rather than telling me what I not only know but know better. Criticising my bedside manners is non-information though entertaining.
  5. If you want more information on a topic, google "timism.com" plus the keywords.
  6. If you can get thru Timism: The Morality of More Time without hating me, good for you: 50% of readers have expressed resentment and hate. The messenger pays for the message.


  1. Apathy on sinking ship is suicide.
  2. Cheerleading play is homicide.
  3. Preaching igknowance is genocide.

Hope you will help. Thru timism, we can make our class memorable by drawing up on our common shared experiences to define a better future while earning rewards associated with an internet startup. Brainbees will be a new social media wherein people compete to define and solve our problems. The winter of our lives can be an unexpected win-win winner.

bob barnett

P.S. If you have read this far, you deserve a bonus if you sign up based on using SDHS1968@timism.com as your sponsor.

Only members of our 1968 SDHS class can use SDHS1968@timism.com as the "Sponsor" on the signup form. Friends, relatives, etc., can use SDHS1968@timism.com as the "Recruiter." As Timism matures, special benefits are envisioned for our class. Accounts without class rights to this sponsorship will be deleted with loss of any accumulated Timism benefits.