Loans for College and Tuition:

College Loan
Credit Cards
Home Payments
Health care

Lifehour tax credits can be used to pay past college loans or future college tuition.

A parent can allocate their lifehour earnings toward college tuition of an offspring--see transfer lifehours.

A retired person can amortize the tax credits in a shorter period based on projected life expectancy.

A person can use lifehour tax credits for house payments.

An indebted person can pay down credit card balances.

To benefit from these starter special uses of lifehour tax credits, recruit accounts to support better democracy and capitalism. As the number of accounts increase, the political weight for a safer, saner world by rewarding the basic problem-solving will weigh in to solve your life start problems. In addition to the dollar value of your lifehour account, loans will be refinanced or provided based on the number of active accounts that one has recruited.


BB: Tuition Reform a la Finland

Scholarships and merit brain bees

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