Your Probability of MD2D

One's D2D is based on one's guilt in killing life on earth--No excuses. No extenuating circumstances. No "But it's legal." No "But everyone's doing it." No "I can't help myself." No ...

How likely are you to receive a D2D or a MD2d?

  1. If you a part of the problem, you should stop and become part of the solution.
  2. If you are a cancer, you need to become a creator.
  3. If you are a loser or cheerloser, you need to become a leader and cheerleader.
  4. If you are a mis-carer or mis-helper
  5. If you are a co-enabler
  6. If you are a saltwater politics supporter then you need fresh water ...
  7. If you are guilty of semantic slippage, choose you words more wisely.
  8. If you are a player, you need to become a worker.
  9. If you are mean or meaningless, you need to become meaningful.
  10. If you are a pro-litter, you need to become a pro-life-on-earth.
  11. If you are an illogical alien, you need to become a logical earthling.
  12. If you think global warming or global dying is a joke, keep your humor to yourself.
  13. If you entertain people to death, start educating people to live.
  14. If you are not willing to die to save life on earth, you should make out your will.
  15. If you think you will live forever elsewhere then you need to vacate the premises.

Before March, 2006, when this writer realized that global warming had become, in fact, global dying, the following warnings were considered appropriate:

  1. Every gallon of gas you  burn unnecessarily is a gallon of gas taken from your children or grandchildren.
  2. Every kilowatt of air conditioning is a kilowatt of refrigeration taken from your offspring.
  3. Every degree of hothouse winter heating is a freezing day for your future generations.
    After March, 2006, the warning is simpler: Every wasted gallon, kilowatt or degree is an earlier death for those you claim to love.

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